A Sight For Sore Eyes

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Holding out a hand to her, he said, “I like what you’ve put in this morning.” He chuckled, then added, “I’m so up for more of the same.”

Allison smirked and took his hand and moved closer to the bed. She suddenly hopped onto the bed and straddled him, holding both his hands out to his sides and pinning him, she leaned in to kiss him then smiled. "I'm good with that."

Just as things were about to take off, both their cell phones rang. With a roll of her eyes Allison clambered off of him and reached for her phone. It was work.

"Newport." Allison answered. She listened, and then she frowned. "On our way." She hung up and looked to Jack, who had gotten a similar call.

"Something happened at the Prickly Cactus?" She asked, knowing his answer.


A little bit earlier...

Jen gave the drinks she mixed to the waitress, who delivered them to a table. She then poured a couple of frosty mugs of Bud for two of her favorite guys. Placing the beers on the bar in front of them, Jen teased Jeffrey, whispering in his ear, “Let’s hope you have better luck hitting the hole tonight.”

She giggled like a school girl and went back to her work. Jen’s life had totally transformed in the past six weeks.

Freddy elbowed Simon in the ribs and gave him a coy smile. "You better get to work on your putts."

Simon shook his head and smiled at Jen. "Trust me I'll do fine. Did you want me to pick anything up before I headed over to your place?"

Before Jen could answer, there was a loud crash and then a long droning howl of a car horn that refused to stop. Freddy hopped out of his seat and rushed to the door and when he opened it he saw a beaten old car had crashed into a truck parked in the bar's parking lot. Freddy leered at the figure behind the wheel of the car and went closer as the rest of the bar patrons spilled out to ogle at the scene.


Some time later, Allison and Jack had arrived on the scene. While it looked like some police units and an ambulance had arrived to the scene they were, in fact, all agents in disguise. This was because of who they had found in the car. Freddy had called it in to the agency. He was currently sitting on the hood of one of the patrol cars, looking worried.

Allison approached him. "What happened?"

"Heard him crash, came out and found him. He keeps asking for Gus. And for you."

Allison frowned. "You get a hold of Gus?"

Freddy shook his head. "Not yet, won't answer his phone. Guy's busy planning a wedding after all."

Allison nodded and looked to Freddy sternly. "Go to the store, find him."

Freddy nodded and looked to Simon who was standing next to Jen. "I've got to run an errand. Want to come along?"

While Freddy was speaking to Simon and Jen, Allison turned towards the ambulance and strode towards it. When she reached the back, she found Rayne Lee, the late friend of Carson and Gus, sitting inside while a medic looked her over.

"Didn't expect to see you," Allison said, "Given you've been dead for over a year."

Rayne nodded to Allison. "You're the cop, the one Carson and the others helped. Allison."

"Yep, so... tell me what brings you here from the afterlife?" Allison asked. She was concerned. Allison's Sight wasn't showing anything strange around the girl. She was normal. Yet Allison knew nothing normal was happening.

"We need to find Gus. We need to keep you and him safe." Rayne said firmly.

"And why is that?" Allison asked.

"Because He is coming..."


Gus and Carson looked through various magazines to determine what sort of cake it was they would settle with. It was getting to be the time where there was a lull in the number of customers who came in to rent movies, and Gus had opted to close the place for lunch, giving the two some time to continue making plans.

"I like this one." Carson pointed to a towering vanilla cake with strawberries.

"I'm allergic to strawberries, Carson." Gus said with a smirk.

"We could get one without them." Carson pointed out with a grin.

Gus felt stupid, he wasn't thinking straight. Something was gnawing at the back of his mind. Had been all morning. Like the universe was trying to tell him something.

"Something wrong?" Carson asked, she could tell his mind was elsewhere, even without having to read his mind.

"Today feels off, is all." Gus said with a shrug. "Can't place it. Can't see anything that would..." Then he looked to the front windows and spotted a black van which had just parked in front of the store. Three men got out, one of whom Gus recognized.

It was former Sheriff Miles Daniels. Something was with him, a darkness that seemed to hover around him like an aura. Gus could see it. Gus recognized the aura from someplace. But at the moment he didn't care from where. He just got up and looked to Carson.

"We need to get out of here!"

Miles pulled a silver rod from his suit jacket and flicked it towards the front wall of the store. The atoms which made up the wall and windows seemed to turn to ash and crumbled easily. Miles then brandished the rod and shouted to Gus: "Don't move or your bride-to-be gets the same treatment your fucking store just got!"

Gus paused and looked to Carson, then back to Miles as his blood grew hot from the threat. "What the hell is this, Daniels? What have you done?"

"I made a new friend." Miles said as he stepped over the dusty debris and into the store. "Gave me some new toys and cleaned me up." Then he looked to Carson. "You know who I'm talking about."

Carson's eyes widened. "Impossible."

"Yet here we are." Miles said with a smirk.

"Who is he talking about Carson?"

"The one who was in charge of the operation to wipe out every last person on Earth." Carson said. "My commander."

"How is that even possible?" Gus asked. "The Kakabel were all wiped out!"

"There was a loophole." Came another voice, a fourth person who suddenly appeared behind Miles and stepped into the store. Gus was horrified to see what looked like Nate Castagnacci, yet there was an obvious Kakabel energy field which was animating the body. He could see it in his face, as it shifted between human and kakabel like one of those old novelty holograms that changed when you tilted it.

"Hello, Carson." The Kakabel going around calling itself Nate said with a smirk.

"How did you survive?" Carson asked.

"I'd ask the same thing of you. The weapon should've killed you too, yet clearly you're here, alive and well."

Carson glared at him. "Someone felt I needed to be here."

Nate shrugged. "Whatever. It doesn't matter. Suffice it to say, one of the lab techs had planned on replacing one of the humans we tested the weapon on with a replicant, until I shut the operation down. Turned out he had kept the replicant body in stasis for further study. It was just a matter of inserting my consciousness into it." Nate squirmed in his own skin. "It's not terrible. It's got a similar build to our Mr. White model replicants. Weapons and tech..." he extended his hand and it became a translucent, purple tentacle which shot out and seized Gus by the neck and pulled him back to Nate.

"No! Let him go! You want me, right? To punish me? Take me and let him go!" Carson pleaded.

Nate chuffed and looked Gus over. "So she sacrificed her entire race for you..?" Then he shrugged and looked to Carson again. "I'm not here for revenge, Carson. I'm here for him." He looked to Gus. "You've got something I need..."


After Rayne explained the situation: That a kakabel had survived the extermination and was now cavorting about in an advanced replicant body made to look like Nate Castagnacci, and had been working to unify the Vegas mobs so he had an army to wipe out the sanctuary and begin an attack on Jackalope Crossing. Allison, Jackson and the others started getting into their cars.

"We have to get to Gus and stop this thing." Allison said. She activated her truck's siren and lights and started to speed off to The World's Last Video Rental, with the others not far behind...

(Someone should probably show up and be big damn heroes for Gus and Carson...)

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