From Bad To Worse

The door bell chimed again behind her "Hey and grab me som..." Rayne's words trailed off as she took in the scene. Then followed up her assessment with a "Well shit..."

Baseball Cap and Leather Jacket turned their guns on the two women and began to shout at them to put their hands up into the air. Gus took the opportunity to look over his shoulder to see what was going on. The situation was getting worse, it seemed.

"Goddamn it! This is getting out of hand! Let's just split, man!" Leather Jacket said.

"Hold on a sec..." Baseball Cap grinned and eyed Carson and Rayne up and down. "What're a couple nice gals like yourselves doing in a shit town like this?"

"Seriously, dude?" Leather Jacket asked, annoyed.

Baseball Cap removed his namesake cap, revealing a balding head of hair which he still felt the need to slick back in a lousy attempt to look more attractive. Then he went over to Carson. "Say, wanna be our 'hostage?' We just stole a whole bundle of cash from Johnny Castagnacci, and we're on our way to Mexico to live it up like kings! It's an awful long road trip and we could use some company..." Baseball Cap was laying on the "charm" real thick to the point that everyone, even his partner in crime, was getting disgusted.

(Perhaps Rayne can kick this loser in the balls and take his gun away? It's just a suggestion, but I figure Rayne isn't one to let creeps try to hit on Carson. Also, feel free to write for Baseball Cap and Leather Jacket since they're NPC's. Their basic character trait is they're rock stupid.

So stupid to the point where they left about four million dollars in their unlocked car...)

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