Collision Course

"Gus, let's do this way: I'll tell my secret when you tell me yours. I just can say that I am probably wanted for the cops and I have a bag of money somewhere in this town. Lot of money!"

Gus slammed on the brakes right then and there. "You serious? Come on, man! That's... Jesus-tap-dancing-Christ... I can't go a day without some crazy shit from Vegas wandering into my backyard!"

For the second time, I put my most charming and seductive smile on my face.
"I wish to met your friend...", said trying to move the talk to another focus.

"My frie...?" Gus was flabbergasted. "My friend is already deep into some shady shit, man... that's... and now you want to meet him? What for? So he can help you hide your stolen money or whatever???" He stared at Sophie for a moment before letting out an exasperated sigh. "Fine. You wanna meet Vargas? We'll go meet Vargas. Fuck me for trying to be neighborly and invite a wayward spirit to a round of golf..." He sighed and turned the car around and started for Vargas' home.

"I should've fucking not bothered with the fucking goobers..."


"Guess they'll have to given there's really no choice, but they aren't home right now so you might have to put up with me."

Her eyes wandered back to the bikes, "He's here because his buddies didn't wanna chat, more specifically, because of something you did?" She nodded her head to Ortiz and his goons. Oh yeah, she'd heard of him. Nothing too detailed but the name and appearance rang a bell somewhere in the back of her head. Everyone seemed familiar after living in Jackalope a couple of years but her family knew a lot about everyone whether they were underground or above the surface in their daily life. It was a perk.

"If that's the case just don't get any blood on the lot."

Freddy held the front door open. "Whoa, whoa, whoa. There's no need for blood!" He looked to Ortiz to make sure he heard that. "I'm just looking for a dude named Kenny Bishop. He stole from Castagnacci and I'm here to bring him back. He came through with an accomplice not too long ago, and I need to get to him pronto! That's all! Once I get him and his partner I'll leave you all to whatever the hell it is you guys do in this podunk town of yours."

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