A Fresh Start

~~These events occur the night of the gas station robbery~~

Duncan had finally pulled into town, the same familiar sight to him. He let out a sigh of relief as both Bella and Diego were staring out the window, who were not scared anymore. That drive definitely had a weird vibe to it. Duncan couldn't help but laugh as he pulled up to the town's only place for outsiders to stay. He hopped out, let both the dog and the cat out, and stretched. The night was still and all was well, much better than out in the desert. Duncan grabbed his bags and made his way inside.

Jackalope Inn was old; most likely one of the oldest buildings in town, but it had character. The inn has been in the Osier family for generations and the great-grandson of Jack Osier, the first owner of Jackalope Inn, now runs the joint. Although his staff was not the friendliest. Duncan walked up to the counter where a goth girl, chewing bubblegum, was sitting. Upon looking at Duncan she quickly sat up straight and put a smile on her face.

"Hello Duncan! I was afraid you weren't gonna come this weekend. How was work?" Her cheeks were flushed as she was talking to him. Duncan could tell the girl liked him (or at least found him attractive) but he wasn't into her; she wasn't his type. He flashed her a friendly smile as he set the bags down next to him.

"Oh, it was alright. You know how kids are these days; they're a bunch of selfish, lazy brats, but I love them all. You have my room still aviliable right? Wouldn't want anyone looking at my stuff." She giggled widely and nodded. She didn't dare go into the room, and she didn't dare book the room. Only Duncan and Derrick know what is inside that room.

"Of course silly! Derrick has told me specifically that 'Room 203 should never be booked to anyone other than Duncan Bickmore.' I don't want the boss yelling at me." She held out the keys to him and giggled once again. "Have a good night Duncan!" He nodded and took the keys from her and made his way up the stairs to Room 203 with his pets Bella and Diego following him.
The morning after

Duncan stood up from his bed and stretched. Today was a new day in Jackalope Crossing, what was he going to do? Most of the shop owners knew Duncan, so it wasn't any problem to bring Bella and Diego along with him. These weekly trips weren't just about him, he realized, they were time for the two to play and spread their legs a little. Duncan looked out the window and spotted the mini-golf course. That's it! That is what Duncan will do this morning.

Duncan quickly got dressed in a pair of khaki shorts and a nice band t-shirt. He slipped on his Vans, did his hair, brushed his teeth, put the harnesses and leashes on both Bella and Diego, and finally walked downstairs. The goth girl wasn't seated at the front desk. Duncan smiled and shook his head, it was too early for her to come in. But he will see her tonight, no doubt.

Duncan walked both Bella and Diego to a spot on the side of the Inn and waited for them to relieve themselves. After finishing, Duncan made his way to the mini-golf course...

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