Baseball Cap removed his namesake cap, revealing a balding head of hair which he still felt the need to slick back in a lousy attempt to look more attractive. Then he went over to Carson. "Say, wanna be our 'hostage?' We just stole a whole bundle of cash from Johnny Castagnacci, and we're on our way to Mexico to live it up like kings! It's an awful long road trip and we could use some company..." Baseball Cap was laying on the "charm" real thick to the point that everyone, even his partner in crime, was getting disgusted.

Rayne thought she might just barf in her mouth. The guy was so totally diluted. Carson looked the guy in the eyes. " are you were you threatening these men? Do you mean them harm if they do not wish to comply with you?" rayne groaned from behind her. " now is not the time to play 20 questions with the man carson"
Ball cap smirked at the girls " no i wasn't going to hurt them none...we was just talking" tje other man looked at Rayne " is your friend slow or something? asked rayne shrugged " i honestly don't know...i found her walking barefoot im the desert a few hours honestly maybe" Carson's blank stair finally changed to a stern expression on might give child who had been naughty. " you are lying" she said flatly.

Before any one could move tje girl moved. One hnad pushes tje gun in her face to the side, It fired into a shelf of chips, while the other hand met the with his nose in a upward motion making sickly crunching sound. The guy went down. Carson grabbed his gun before it even hit the ground. Without missing a beat she turned and fired two rounds into ball caps buddys knees. He crumpled with a howl of pain and his gun skitted across the floor to. " what the fuck!!" Rayne demanded. Carson handed her the gun and turned to the clerk. " what will you do with him?" rayne held the gun with two fingers like it was a snake. She was, for the first time, at a loss for words.

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