Nodia made her way to the diner head phones in sneaker thumping the pavement as she kept a steady stride. She waved at the same old lady who was always on her porch and crossed the same street she always crossed. She passed the hotel and saw the vehicle that let her know duncan had made it to town again. And the video store where vargas and gus were probably hanging out. She stepped i to the diner the cook nodded and she smiled back taking her head phones out. He was cooking but no one was in which had her thinking it was for him. " slow day?" nodia asked peggy who was hanging up her apron " oh yeah...not a soul since about 10:30 last night..darn near took a nap" peggy faced her with a smile on her plump face " but thats not to say it wont pic up soon" nodia smiled back " sure it will" the diner never had more than 4 or 5 people in it at a time.
Nodia tied on her apron as peggy left and clipped on her name tag the she jumped up on a counter in the back. " what you making mac" mac looked up " breakfasts...want some? " she shook her head and went to start coffee out front.

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