Trip Preacher slammed another clip into his uzi and continued to fire into the modest little house. Carson calmly kneeled then made her way to Vargas. " is there a back way?" she could tell he was freaking out so she didnt mined waiting for a answer while he collected his self.

Vargas nodded. "Back door! There's a gate that leads out to a back street!"

Miles took up a position beneath one of the front windows. "Head back through there, I'll draw the gunfire!" He popped up, spotted the shooter, a guy in camouflage fatigues, and fired a few shots. The gunman ducked back behind some trash cans. "Go!"

Vargas rushed to the back of his house, then banked right into the kitchen and around through to the hall leading back to his bedroom. He pulled the loose wall panel back and grabbed the satchel of cash he had stashed there. It was stupid, but Vargas wasn't gonna leave empty handed... He smashed his bedroom window and clambered out of it, heading for the back street...

Gus and Sophie arrived at the mini-golf course and proceeded to have an enjoyable morning. Throughout the morning Gus would answer questions Sophie had about the town, places of interest, anything that might help trigger her memory.

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Halfway through they came across Duncan Brickmore, whom Gus had met once or twice before in passing.

"Hey man! Long time no see? How's tricks?" Gus smiled and nodded at Duncan. "Care to meet my new lady friend? Her names' Sophie, she lost a ton of money after her girlfriend's fiance croaked in a Vegas hotel." Gus said it so matter-0f-factly that it almost didn't register when he said it.

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