A Casual Request

Freddy then turned to Isobel. "Well that's just fuckin' great. Look Ms. Vaughan, I'm gonna need your help with this. If ya can do me a solid I'll put in a good word for ya with the Big Cheese, okay? Whaddaya say?"

A good word in could only mean more work and if it was directly to the real boss chances are the stakes were going to be raised even more... but it would save their asses. Come to think of it she'd never met Castagnacci before, at least not from what she could remember. Isobel dug her nail into the wood of the door, shifting her eyes up and down the street. "We should go inside. We can talk more there," she moved aside as he stepped in and closed it with caution.

"What's this guy look like? I can check in with the staff when I go to work... see if they've caught anything of interest. Coffee is kind of a go-to around here," she picked up the remote and flipped the news off before looking back to him.

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