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"What's this guy look like? I can check in with the staff when I go to work... see if they've caught anything of interest. Coffee is kind of a go-to around here," she picked up the remote and flipped the news off before looking back to him.

Freddy's eyes widened as she switched off he news. "Wait! Flip back!" When Isobel did he saw the ugly mug of Kenny Bishop. "That's the guy!"

The news anchor, an attractive brunette with far too much makeup on was discussing the story that had just broken. "This man, who has yet to be identified, ran into traffic on the interstate just outside of Las Vegas. The unknown man was naked and state troopers believed him to be on narcotics. However, upon arresting the individual test results revealed no drugs in his system. He was incoherent and aggressive. At the moment he is being held at the Pescaderro State Hospital in Gulliver County until he can be properly identified."

"The fuck? The guy was caught in the buff on the interstate?" Freddy frowned. "Where'd his partner get off to then???"

"Many locals are already saying the man is another in a long list of people who were supposedly 'abducted' and suddenly returned by extraterrestrials. Could this man be somehow linked to the mysterious lights that many motorists saw earlier that evening? Stay tuned for more, I... am Cynthia Lane and this Channel 6 Action News."

"Pescaderro... hmm..." Falcone let out a sigh of relief. "Well I guess that solves that. I'm headed down to Gulliver. Good timing too, I figure with the Ortiz boys lookin' for blood." He shot Isobel a meek, yet friendly smile. "Sorry to bother you Ms. Vaughan. I'll just go ahead and make myself scarce..."

It took Falcone about an hour to drive all the way down to Pescaderro Hospital. And by the time he arrived he was eager to get some answers. When he showed up at the front desk of the hospital he flashed the nurse the most disingenuous smile ever and cleared his throat.

"Yeah, hi. I heard on the news you had a John Doe here. Bald guy? Dude's a friend of mine, name's Kenny Bishop." He produced a photograph of Bishop, which he had to help people ID the guy if they saw him. "We were partying up in Vegas, he got a promotion ya see, and things got outta hand. You know how it is."

The nurse merely looked at the photo and nodded. "He's in Room 412."

After making his way up to the fourth floor he quickly found Bishop's room and was shocked at the sorry state the bastard was in. His eyes were wild and frantic, his arms and legs bound to his hospital bed, an IV seemed to be feeding him a mild sedative that wasn't working as well as it should. When Kenny looked over at Falcone he made a gurgling sound.

"Hiya, Kenny." Falcone said in a faux-friendly tone. "Remember me? Your buddy Freddy!"

"There were five lights. There were really only four but they wanted me to say five. Five lights. Five lights..." Kenny was clearly one fry short of a Happy Meal.

"Alright, you can quit with the crazy X-Files shit now. I know you and a friend made off with about three million. You tell me where it is, and I'll make sure the doctors can fix what I break."

"What is dead may never die."

"You'll be dead if you don't start talkin' sense." Falcone grabbed the curtain and closed it so no one would see what was about to happen next.

"Don't you get it??? They see everything! They saw me! They saw the blood! You can't stop them!"

"Oh... there will be blood, my friend..." Falcone grabbed one of Kenny's fingers and prepared to bend it in a way it was never meant to be bent.

"Please... please... I just... we need... No sin goes unseen... They come on chariots of light and show you the truth and it burns you out to the core!"

Falcone paused. Usually people cracked before the fingers did. Especially pieces of flotsam like Bishop here. Yet the guy was still babbling like a maniac. After a moment he let Bishop's finger go, unharmed and instead leaned in so that he could lock eyes with him. "What sin, Kenny? What sin did they see?"

"I stole. I stole what I coveted... Then I ran... I ran when I killed him. Left everything back at that place... before I had my eyes opened..."

"What place? Who'd you kill?"

"Saw the blood. The blood was everywhere. Candy. Tumblin' down... tumblin' down... tumblin' doooowwwwnnnn...."

Falcone slapped his face. "Back it up! Who did you kill? Where's the money?"

"Money?" Kenny raised his head and frowned. "Money??? Ha! Money is just paper! The true currency is inside. When the bill comes due for you, will you be able to pay after all your sins are counted? It wasn't for me. It... hehe.... wasn't... hehehehe... for me!!!"

"That's it..." Falcone pulled out his gun and pressed it underneath Kenny's chin. "I want you to tell me where the fucking money is now, shithead!"

Kenny's eyes darted every which way inside his skull. He continued to laugh maniacally. They remained like this for about a minute before Freddy finally pulled the gun away and sighed. That was when Kenny suddenly broke free of his restraints and seized Freddy's head in his hands.

"I see it... see like they see... The path you walk is dark and red with blood, Freddy Falcone. You play joker to a king of a house of falling cards. You'll find what you seek back in Jackalope, where it all started, and you'll see like I see. Hehehehe.... You'll see without eyes. The blood will lead you to it. Follow the blood..."

Follow the blood. The words echoed inside Falcone's head all the way back to Jackalope Crossing. For some bizarre reason, Falcone believed Kenny Bishop's insane ramblings. Maybe it was the eerie feeling he had ever since he stepped into that hospital room, maybe it was Kenny's eyes as they stared into his and what he saw in them, or maybe it was just the new gut feeling that he had that told him that yes, the money was still in Jackalope Crossing. Whatever it was, he knew.

He knew...

When he reached Jackalope Crossing he stopped at the Gas-N-Go to fill up his ride before heading back to the Vaughan estate. If blood had been spilled here, maybe Isobel knew who's blood and where. Falcone got out and decided to grab something for lunch and caught sight of the clerk who regarded him with a meek nod. The place reeked of cleaning fluid. It stung Falcone's nose as he grabbed a bag of Funyons and a bottle of water. Yet he didn't think much else about it.

"Will that be all, sir?" the clerk asked. The guy was sweating bullets.

"Gas too." Falcone muttered. There was a brief moment of silence then suddenly Falcone said: "Tell me, how often do you guys see weird shit happen around here?"

"Excuse me?" The clerk frowned.

"You know, weird shit? Weird lights in the sky? Close Encounters of The Third Kind of stuff?"

"Oh," the clerk shuffled around a bit and shrugged. The guy kept looking out the window for some odd reason, like he was waiting for someone. But Falcone didn't really think much of it. "You some kind of investigator or something?"

"Or something," Falcone smirked. "I just keep hearing weird stuff over the radio here. You guys don't seriously think little green men are interested in this podunk little town?"

"I dunno... lots of people who live here have their own ideas on stuff like that. Me? I prefer to keep my head down. There are enough Earthly dangers out there for me to worry about. I don't need to worry about Martians too." The clerk adjusted his glasses and wiped the sweat from his brow.

"But have you ever seen anything?" Falcone asked.

"Me? Aw heck, I suppose I see some lights in the sky every now and again. Maybe they're test planes, maybe they're something else? I dunno. I don't wanna think about that. I have enough problems, know what I'm saying? But if you're interested in that kind of stuff, I bet you anything you can talk to anyone in town and they'd have a better answer for you."

"This town is just fuckin' weird." Falcone said with an exasperated tone.

"Buddy, you don't know the half of it." The clerk rolled his eyes. Falcone paid the clerk and hopped back into his car.

It had been two hours since he had left the Vaughan estate, and now he returned. He looked somewhat embarrassed, given he was basically back at square one. But, again, he somehow knew the money hadn't left the town just yet. He just needed to follow the blood...

(OOC: So I figure it's high time to start moving people towards each other. Primarily I'm wanting Falcone to get onto Vargas's and the others' trail. However that happens is up to y'all. Though I'm betting the shootout between Trip and Miles will have a fair amount of blood...)

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