Blood Money

Without missing a beat she turned and fired two rounds into ball cap's buddy's knees. He crumpled with a howl of pain and his gun skittered across the floor.

"What the fuck!!" Rayne demanded.

Carson handed her the gun and turned to the clerk. "What will you do with him?"

Rayne held the gun with two fingers like it was a snake. She was, for the first time, at a loss for words.

"Whoa! Jesus!" Hoffman looked at all the blood on his recently mopped floor. Then he looked to Carson. "I uh... guess I'll call the cops..."

"No cops!" Baseball Cap wheezed as he stood, having picked up the gun Leather Jacket had dropped earlier. He aimed it at Carson. "You fucking ninja bitch!"

Before he could get a shot off a box of Goobers collided with his face. Chocolate covered peanuts exploded into the air and Baseball Cap began to fire wildly and blindly. Everyone either dropped to the ground or dove behind some sort of cover as the hapless goon continued to fire while making his way to the door. His gun clicked empty and he dropped it as he burst out into the night and started sprinting down the street.

Once it became clear the situation had calmed. Everyone got back up and looked to where the box of Goobers had originated from. Antonio Vargas got to his feet and and grinned.

"Who's the ninja now, bitch?" He sneered at the direction Baseball Cap had run off to.

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"Vargas?" Hoffman exclaimed.

"Where'd you come from, dude?" Gus asked.

"You were taking forever with the slushie so I came over to see what was keeping you. I saw what was going down and snuck in through the back and waited for an opening. " He grinned. "Real Bruce Lee move, right?"

"Yeah, I don't think Bruce Lee would've used Goobers as a weapon though." Gus said as he stooped down to pick up a Goober from the floor and pop it into his mouth. "So... let's call the cops to pick up this guy..." But when Gus turned around to look at Leather Jacket he saw that the poor fool now had a fresh hole in his head. No doubt as a result of Baseball Cap's blind firing.

"Oh fuck!" Hoffman shouted. "Who the hell's gonna clean that up now?"

"That's grodie, dude," Vargas winced.

"I'm still for calling the cops, man." Gus suggested.

"Wait, didn't the other guy mention something about ripping off a casino or something?" Vargas asked.

"Who cares?" Gus asked.

"But... isn't that their getaway car over there?" Vargas pointed to the piece of junk still parked in front of the gas pumps.

When the group opened up the trunk they found a duffel bag with four million dollars in cash inside...

(OOC: For the sake of brevity I'll just go ahead and state that Vargas and Hoffman the Clerk will want a cut of this money. Gus has no interest in money, and outright doesn't want anything to do with it since it belongs to the Castagnaccis. So please take that into consideration when deciding what your characters will want to do with the money themselves.)


A man in a baseball cap with blood running down his face was now running down a desolate stretch of road in the middle of the night. This was Kenny Bishop, a two-bit thug and former card dealer at one of the many casinos in Las Vegas. Tonight had not been his night. Despite managing to swipe four million clams right out from under the nose of notorious crime boss, Johnny Castagnacci, things had gone horribly wrong since then.

And now his partner in crime, a dingbat who thought it was fine to wear leather in this heat, was probably getting arrested right now as Kenny ran down the lonesome stretch of road. Little did Kenny know he had unintentionally killed his partner trying to get out of the Gas-N-Gulp.

All of this because his dumbass partner didn't fill up their getaway car... and because he absolutely had to have that fucking box of goobers...

Kenny didn't know how long he had been running, but now it was pitch dark aside from the glow of the lights from Vegas. Kenny finally ran out of breath and stopped in the middle of the road. Blood was still pouring down the back of his throat from the broken nose that weird little ninja girl had given him. And even more blood was soaking the front of his shirt.

Just as Kenny was catching his breath a beam of light shot down from the sky and onto him. He looked up and was blinded by the light. He screamed as he was pulled up into it, and then the light disappeared. No sign of Kenny remained.

Indeed, this had not been his night...

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