Path To Sanctuary (Part I)

(OOC: Sorry I didn't elaborate on the plan, as I was working on the particulars of said plan at the time. Here, I'll let Vargas explain.)

"Gus knows about this place, out in the desert." Vargas explained to the girls as they made their way through the back streets of the small neighborhood and out into a modest-looking park with a couple families playing in the grass. "It belongs to this weird group of people. They think the area is a hot bed of alien and supernatural activity and so do these big ceremonies to try and flag a UFO down and such. Gus was part of the cult way back when, but he left them due to some issues he had. But from the stories he's told me, they're odd balls, but nice in either case. We get Gus, he takes us there so we can, like, lie low for a while while we figure out what the hell just happened back there. I doubt anyone will be able to find us all the way out there..."

Meanwhile... At the Mini-Vegas Golf Course...

Gus carefully tapped in his golf ball into the tiny Siegfried & Roy stage show where the ball slowly made its way into the mouth of a waiting white tiger which roared in satisfaction as the ball fell into its jaws.

"Reminds me of Hungry Hungry Hippos," Gus mused to himself while looking at Sophie. "You ever play that game?"

So far the morning had been a cacophony of questions, answers, and evasions. Gus wasn't quite certain if he had managed to help Sophie figure out where this missing money of hers was. And to be honest he wasn't too interested in getting involved in yet another Vegas affair. Duncan was far more enjoyable company, as the man was rather laid back like Gus. It was always nice to meet a fellow chill person. However, as the morning slowly waned, the trio decided to help themselves to a nice breakfast at the local diner.

There, they met Nodia the waitress. Gus didn't know her too well as he rarely had breakfast at the diner, he was usually at the video store by now, munching on some chocolate covered raisins. His eyes wandered over to a nearby window where he could see the Last Video Rental and saw it had yet to be opened.

His face twisted with concern, Vargas was probably counting his ill-gotten gains and planning on buying a boat or something. But when Nodia arrived and asked what he wanted to eat he snapped back and ordered a creme soda. He wasn't feeling hungry.


Trip Preacher slowly drove his bronco through the narrow streets of Jackalope Crossing. So far there had been no indication that the cops were looking for him. The police scanner he had in his truck had been going nuts about the shootout, and apparently the cop he'd shot hadn't been killed. That was a problem. In fact, everything to do with this job had gone FUBAR almost immediately. That damn cop wasn't supposed to be there. Why was he even there? Odds were Trip would have to go hide out in the desert at his emergency bunker until things blew over. Though who knows how long that'd be...

Worse yet, he hadn't found the money. And his targets had managed to slink away during the fight. He was hoping he'd, maybe find them if he did a once over of the immediate vicinity of Vargas's abode. So far he was coming up empty. He'd need to get more tactical.

His mind raced as he thought about where to go next. Vargas, if he recalled from what little research he'd done on the man when he was given the job, owned a video store not too far from here. Perhaps he'd be making his way there as a sort of hideout? It was as good a place as any to continue his search. But he'd have to be quick, no doubt the fuzz would be looking for him soon enough.

Trip decided to park his truck in an inconspicuous area and watch the video store for any activity. So he parked in a nearby lot in front of the dollar store next to one of the only diners in town and pretended to read an old Guns & Ammo while sipping on a canteen of coffee he'd prepared previously. Now all he had to do was sit and wait...


Earlier that morning in The Sanctuary...

Charles River Dawn Lewis opened his eyes and slowly uncoiled his legs from the lotus position he had been sitting in for the last eight hours. His deep meditation served as his form of sleep, and it proved to be far more refreshing than any regular night's sleep he had ever had. He stood and made his way out of the small cabin that he had been calling home for several years now.

The Sanctuary was an old mining outpost that had been abandoned for years, the small buildings that the silver rush miners had used as shelter all those years ago had slowly decayed but were now refurbished thanks to the hard working souls that made up the commune he was the leader of.

The night before had been fruitful. Several UFOs had been seen and observed. No doubt some lucky souls had been taken and shown the path. Though no doubt they had been dropped back off and were now being treated like lunatics in some hospital. It was a tragedy to have such blessed souls be treated in such a manner, but it was as They willed it. Charles knew this to be so.

When he breathed in the morning air he frowned and looked to the East, towards Jackalope Crossing. Something was different. He could feel it. Something big was happening on this fine morning. He made his way across the compound and went to one of the other cabins and knocked on the door.

A large, blonde man wearing a green tunic and a black bandanna opened the door. This was Greg, who provided safety for the commune, along with a good number of other strapping young men and women, of which Greg was the leader of.

"River Dawn?" Greg adjusted his tunic. "What brings you here so early?"

"Today we will be seeing the return of our prodigal son." Charles told him. "He will not be alone. Allow them safe entrance. All will need aid... all but one. This one will be special..."

"Yes, River Dawn," Greg nodded. "I'll see it's done."

"Thank you, friend." Charles put a reassuring hand on Greg's massive shoulder. "We are all but stardust."

"We are all but stardust..." Greg returned the gesture and went back inside.

"Yes... today will be a grand day..." Charles said with a smile as he watched the sunrise...

(OOC: So to summarize, Vargas wants Gus to take them to this UFO cult commune in the desert, which should be relatively safe. At least safer than being in town at the moment.

My thinking is that Isobel will probably overhear the shootout on the police scanner, like Trip did and that'll get her and Freddy on the trail of the money, finally. But that's just a suggestion, perhaps she can get the information from someone who keeps their ear to the ground on such things? I'll let you figure that out, Caribou.

I'm thinking that if nazgul and North don't respond soon I'll just have Gus leave them at the diner to help Vargas and the girls. And they can get up to whatever in their own plotline if they want. Also, dunno if Nodia wants to get in on thing, I figure she might overhear the craziness going on with Vargas and the others and do something. But that's up to you jl4l.

As for Charles' little hunch about what's going on, well, he's more than a kook for sure. I figure Carson may be very pleased to meet him?)

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