Money and the Gray

"Vargas?" Hoffman exclaimed.

"Where'd you come from, dude?" Gus asked.

"You were taking forever with the slushie so I came over to see what was keeping you. I saw what was going down and snuck in through the back and waited for an opening. " He grinned. "Real Bruce Lee move, right?"

"Yeah, I don't think Bruce Lee would've used Goobers as a weapon though." Gus said as he stooped down to pick up a Goober from the floor and pop it into his mouth. "So... let's call the cops to pick up this guy..." But when Gus turned around to look at Leather Jacket he saw that the poor fool now had a fresh hole in his head. No doubt as a result of Baseball Cap's blind firing.

"Oh fuck!" Hoffman shouted. "Who the hell's gonna clean that up now?"

"That's grodie, dude," Vargas winced.

"I'm still for calling the cops, man." Gus suggested.

While the guys talked Rayne looked at Carson " oh no wait...i need answers...what was that? Were did that come from? How did you learn to do that?..." Carson just gave her a soft smile. " i am a gray....we all know these thing...we learn young" Rayne looked at her like she had a third eye " a what!?" but carson ignored her following the men out to the car. Rayne hurried to catch up and staired into the trunk she let out a slow whistle.." that is alot of cash....soooo.....i say we hide the dude....and split it." Carson shrugged " i havr no interest in money" and stepped away rubbing at a small spot of blood that had gotten on the edge of her white sun dress...Rayne shook her head and looked back at the guys... "Well?"

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