"That is alot of cash....soooo.....I say we hide the dude....and split it."

Carson shrugged "I have no interest in money" and stepped away rubbing at a small spot of blood that had gotten on the edge of her white sun dress...

Rayne shook her head and looked back at the guys... "Well?"

"Well that just means more for us. Gus? You want in on this?" Vargas asked.

Gus looked to the others. "I don't care about money either. But... I think we should just leave it be. I mean, like, I heard that guy say they ripped this off of Castagnacci."

"So what?" Hoffman asked. "We split the money and dump the car somewhere. It just disappears, no muss no fuss!"

"I'm telling you, dude..." Gus rubbed his neck nervously, "Nothing good can come of this."

"Dude, are you serious?" Vargas exclaimed.

"Man, I'm serious," Gus looked into his friend's eyes. "Leave the money. Call the cops."

"Dude, I run a fucking video rental store in the age of Netflix! This money could help, like, a ton!" Vargas argued.

"I'm with you, Vargas," Hoffman said. "If you, this chick, and I split it we all get 1.3 million each."

"What about the dude currently bleeding in your store?" Gus added.

"Fuck! I forgot about him! What do we do with him?" Hoffman groaned.

There was a long silence.

"No..." Gus groaned. "You guys can't be serious!"

Hoffman sighed. "Four million dollars for some lowlife's life? I could do it..."

Gus looked to Vargas. "Dude. I'm out. I'm bugging out. I'm not doing this. This is too fucked up. If you're smart, you'll go home. Just walk away." Gus looked to the others. "Seriously. Don't do it guys." When he looked at Carson he paused and frowned. Then he looked up at the stars in that suspicious way he always did before saying "Fuck it" and walking off into the night.

"So..." Vargas rubbed his forehead. "Who's gonna do it? Who's gonna kill the guy?"

(OOC: I've made Hoffman an official NPC. He can be used by other players to their heart's content. Even kill him if you want.

ADDENDUM: I forgot that Leather Jacket was killed already, because I'm not smart, so instead of murdering the guy, the characters are just going to dispose of the body.)

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