Eyes Open Now

Carson was dtanding outside the RV dtairing off into the distance asnif looking or listening to something. Rayne watched her for a while then stepped down from the door way to stand next to her. "you ok?" carson just nodded.

"Holy shit! Holy shit!" Gus exclaimed as he cowered away from the alien he found himself trapped with.

"Gus!" The alien spoke in Charles's voice. "Calm down! It's me! It's Charles!"

"Charles?" Gus was confused. "What the hell?"

"You're seeing through the bullshit." Charles said. "The way things really are. This is what I really am."

"You've been an alien this whole time?"


"And you're here for... what? What's an alien doing running an UFO cult?" Gus asked.

"Well... it's a long story. To simplify things I'll just say I was sent here to research your culture, and I found myself enamored with your planet and decided to call it home. It's actually not all that uncommon with my people. We've been visiting your planet for decades, and have been living with you for some time." The Grey who was Charles told him.

"So... what, you enjoy living like this out here?" Gus asked.

"Oh, well it's not too bad. Everyone here was lost and needed a home. Like I once was. And at least here my stranger aspects aren't seen as being strange." Plus, this place, the town, is a sort of... well... tourist spot on the way to other places."

"You're telling me..." Gus couldn't help but see the irony in that description of Jackalope Crossing. "So... now I can see through... this veil of illusion... what do I do now?"

"Go to town. See it for what it is now." Charles told him.

"Do I want to?" Gus asked.

"You have to."

When Gus returned to Jackalope Crossing he decided to first visit his old haunt: The Mini-Golf course. It was a weekend and some families touring through Nevada were enjoying an evening of mini-golf. It was a typical sight to see, all things considered, except that now as Gus played a few holes he saw that two of said families weren't human. One was a group of aliens Gus didn't recognize while the other was a group of Greys like Charles.

Gus tried not to stare at them, but by the odd looks the alien tourists were giving him it was obvious they were somehow aware of his heightened awareness. Gus quickly finished up his round of golf and made his way back to the video store...

A few hours later they were ready anf headed to the video stote to meet with gus. The pulled up to the store and rayne got out. Catson sat were she was "i will wait here" rayne gave her a look.. "weird but ok. " and she walked in to meet him.

Gus was sitting on the sofa in the viewing area near the back of the store when Rayne walked in. He looked up and sighed with relief. "Thank god, you're human..."

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