Human and not so much.

Gus was sitting on the sofa in the viewing area near the back of the store when Rayne walked in. He looked up and sighed with relief. "Thank god, you're human..."

Rayne gave him a look "come again?" she asked sitting next to him. "was there a chance i was going to be something els?" images of her as a zombir or were person ran threw her mind.
After a moment she asked "you still on for going out?"
Taking a deep breath carson decided she couldn't hide from him forever and met them right as they were coming out. She knew he vould see her now really see her. Things would be different now. She waited for his judgment of her and watvhed his face closely. "hello Joseph." she figured since he now saw her it was only fair for her to see him. as she staired at him it was clear, though the eyes looked different they still had the same depth to them, Carson still had the same peirceing gaze she had always had. She wasnt thrilled he knew her true from but she wasnt going to keep trying to hide from him.
Rayne stood to the side totally confused anf wondering why gus was looking at carson like she grew a new head. Anf who the hell was Joseph ? Sure carson was weird and rayne new some stuff. But one she didnt look all that weird and two she didnt think gus knew about the other stuff.
"um.... Everything.... Ok with you two?" she chipped in.

OCC: i purpously left spaces or spots were gus could come in since thats what u got going on.... Love it btw

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