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Summary: An emotional wreck with a grudge against humanity

Jack Gomez

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Gender: Male

Age: 18

Group: Human with a Cheat Skill


Hispanic American


Senior High School Student
Track Athlete
Avid Camper

Cheat Skill (only 1)

Minor Monster Tamer
2 Slots for Monsters
1) Lily - Large Blue Slime: Shape shift what it eats, absorb memories, absorb abilities, Water magic

2) Rose - Magical Puppet: Made of living wood, can create magical tools, good combat skills.

Physical Appearance

"See pic'
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Sturdy build

Personality and interests

He was a nice guy, but lacked confidence in himself when it came to girls. Sadly seeing the carnage left by the psycho male students he realized he missed out on his opportunity to confess to the girl he liked since she killed herself to avoid being assaulted. He lives with pain and vengeance in his heart as he hates people unless they are not a threat to him.


Jack was a nice guy growing up and did decent in sports and school. He was a bit of a science nerd and good at track. Sadly he was average in looks so he never had a girlfriend. Being an only child he had no real friends but got along with others at school. He was hoping to at least get close to a girl before graduating high school, but that never happened when he woke up in the savage forest. He did his best to work with the others since he had no Cheat Skill so he worked on firewood duty and water bucket duty. Through sheer luck he not only got to talk to the girl he liked but they were on very good terms since she had no cheat ability either. After four months of organized survival he woke up to seeing the village on fire and the students being slaughtered by several crazed male students. Jack's bunk mate Mike was killed before his eyes and then poor Jack was nearly beaten to death and left for dead in a burning cabin. Jack barely managed to escape into the forest and was close to death when he was approached by a large blue slime. Believing he was going to die Jack didn't fight the slime and in turn he found the slime treating his wounds. After a few choice questions he realized his Cheat Ability was Monster Tamer. They communicated through simple telepathic communication via touch. Jack learned the large slime gained memories and abilities from what it ate. After eating some magical creatures it could use some magic. Jack named the Slime, Lily after a flower. Then later in the day he went back to the village to find it burned down and littered with bodies. Jack's heart was broken when he saw the girl he liked, April, dead on the ground. She killed herself to avoid being raped. Jack had Lily absorb April so the animals would not eat her corpse. After absorbing April, Lily was able to take her form which haunted Jack a bit more. Later on through a series of unfortunate incidents Jack gets a second monster called a Magical Puppet and names her Rose.

Favourite Sayings

You gotta be kidding me.
People suck

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Image of Jack Gomez
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