Image of Rose the White Magical Puppet

Summary: A loyal magical wooden puppet serving Jack

Rose the White Magical Puppet

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Gender: Androgenous

Age: ???

Group: Tamed Monsters


Magical Puppet:
Made of living white wood
Can create magical tools and weapons
Good combat skills, uses one handed axe and shield


Guardian of the forest and made of magic

Cheat Skill (only 1)

Tamed Monster

Physical Appearance

Rose looks like a Mannequin

Personality and interests

Rose is loyal, obedient and above all quiet. She does not talk and at all except for nodding Yes or No. She is good at fighting and making magical tools and serving Jack without rest as she feeds off the magic in the forest.


No one knows how the magical puppets were created but they are made of wood and the most common ones are dark wood and resemble a wooden goblin. The rare white wood ones like Rose seem to be stronger and more intelligent than the dark wood ones.

Favourite Sayings

None since she is mute

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Image of Rose the White Magical Puppet
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