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Summary: Unlikely survivalist

Jocelyn Winter

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Group: Human with No Cheat Skill




Survival Skills

Cheat Skill (only 1)

no cheat skills

Physical Appearance

Short, see image

Personality and interests

Kind, genital, naive. Doesn't really seem like someone with survival skills, but in most cases is all the opposite of that person. But needing to live he will use them. Other wise cooking, crafts (Mostly drawling) and music are Jocelyn's favorite things.


His father used to taking him camping despite his lack of desire to. Though the skills stuck with him. Jocelyn can't remember when his dad stopped forcing him to go and with his soft hands and meek disposition he didn't want to get hurt.

Favourite Sayings


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Image of Jocelyn Winter
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