Jocelyn looked around a bit, "I say we stay least for now..." he said. "It's already to late in that day to keep moving especially if it starts to rain again. We'd never get another fire going with all the wet wood out there." he explained. "We are safe. Nothing can get past the fence. All those little bits of rocks and wood and things tied on the fence are things every monster in the area avoids. I think it's some way of what ever made this place to control where they go." Jocelyn likely sounded crazy suggesting this place was fabricated but it made sense to him.

"I... just don't want to go back out there. I think more students are out there...not like we want to find." he said. "The kind we'd have to..." he paused. "You know...Deal with."


Two months after the village was established. One teacher vanished. Presumed dead. A strange collection of creatures that looked like something out of Planet of the Apes but far less advanced culture wise. Captured him, intending to eat him until they saw he looked like a god in one of their carvings. He is now currently living in a strange village about 1 mile away from Jocelyn's small camp.

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