Praise for the hunt.

(Imagine Deckard acting like a combo of Kusko before he changed, and the guys from the Road to El Dorado.)

Deckard stood lifting his sun-glasses from his face. Looking at the huge lizard thing they brought. It looked like someone mixed all the ugliest parts of an iguana, Komodo dragon, and shot it with a confetti cannon filled with chicken feathers. He did have to admit it was tasty. These critters that acted like Ewoks somehow knew how to cook with actual spices to make food good. Which was more then he could say for the camp before they took him. "OH IO!" he said, he usually just made things up. They grasped some of his English but seemed to react more to his 'godly' language. He gestured somewhere between a king, a glam rocker, and a male model but they all hooted and cheered hugging each other in honor of the praise they were given. Once they left he slid back into his 'throne'. "Sure hope they don't try to free my godly spirit from this mortal coil." he thought.


" plan is to make small circles out from the camp, getting wider with each pass so we can stay at a camp we know is safe at night but search, look for tracks in nearly the same place everyday. When you get lost it's best to stay put, besides I have to much stuff to just carry around. Plus we can always expand the hut to make room for more people or even make more huts. Like back at the old camp. Bring people here and not all just wander around." Jocelyn suggested as he ate more of the odd fish. It was an odd looking thing. They looked like something out a fossil, like a Coelacanth.

"Your friends don't scare me... I mean intimidate me. They look like they could harm me if you ordered them to, and it would be easy I couldn't fight back." he said, "I don't have any magic skills or whatever. Plus I'm skinny living off fish and shellfish. I am pretty week. When I have to get wood it takes me all day." Jocelyn added. "Just have them make it quick if you go nuts like the others." he nervously joked.

After a few moments of silence Jocelyn spoke again. "You know what sounds like the best thing ever right now... fresh baked bread, roast, and real mash potatoes not those weird purple fauxtatoes."

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