What to do.

"I don't want to burden you with protecting me... I might be able to fish and make shelter but, I got lucky killing those two. If they had been awake I'd be dead. I don't know why they didn't kill me before they went to sleep..." he told Jack. "But if you think we'll need to we should. Before we go we do need to find one thing. Something to write on. We'll need a map."

Jocelyn looked at the fire poking it. "Would you like a fish?" she asked Jack. "It's actually not that bad better then nothing and more safe then most of the vegetation around here." Jocelyn rotated a few two of the remaining fish to keep the other side from burning.


The party was starting at the village. The Apes are going into their party mind set. Dancing around the fire, doing what must be singing or chants, eating small foods waiting on the beast that had been roasting since the return of the hunting party. A female ape came to Deckard to inform him the beast was ready to eat. He nodded to her giving a thumbs up to which she howled knowing she had done a good job. Deckard's short time being here changed their culture a ton. If they turned out to be like humans and evolve they could be something completely different because of him.

Deckard left his dwelling and stepped out armed raised like a messiah. Cheering echoed through out the village. They all knelled before Deckard. "Feast!" he shouted. And shockingly they orderly started to carve the beast. To Deckard it was par for the course but anyone else seeing it would be shocked they didn't just rip it to noting but bones in minutes.

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