Waiting and Choosing

"I don't want to burden you with protecting me... I might be able to fish and make shelter but, I got lucky killing those two. If they had been awake I'd be dead. I don't know why they didn't kill me before they went to sleep..." he told Jack. "But if you think we'll need to we should. Before we go we do need to find one thing. Something to write on. We'll need a map."
Jocelyn looked at the fire poking it. "Would you like a fish?" she asked Jack. "It's actually not that bad better then nothing and more safe then most of the vegetation around here." Jocelyn rotated a few two of the remaining fish to keep the other side from burning.

Jack: Uhhh sure.

Jack pondered for a moment as he thought about what Jocelyn said. He knew they were in way over their heads and their goal was lofty at best. However if they were serious about going home they needed to do something. As he thought about how to make a map he remembered several things from a combination of comics, tv, movies and video games to give him inspiration. Since he was sitting on Lily who changed her lower half into a chair cushion for him, she could also read his thoughts.

Lily: Master perhaps Rose could make one of these tools you need.

Jack: Do you think so? If so please try.

Lily then began communicating with Rose using weird clicking sounds and some shaft shifting to do a demonstration, such as using a pen to write on a note pad. Rose then made weird clicking noises and hand gestures to convey she couldn't make a pen and notepad. Then Lily began using earlier versions of pens and paper till Rose agreed to make some scrolls out of two wooden rods and a thin wood paper sheet, as well as a few wooden pens and a small bowl to dip in in. However Rose had to sacrifice a black berry to use as ink. Jack was impressed they were able to create a wooden quill and scroll to use.

Jack: Awesome Rose and Lily! You both did great. We can now map where everything is!

Jack was thankful to his female like monsters as he hugged them out of gratitude.

Jack: Wait this won't help if we can figure out a solid direction. We need a compass......but how?

Once again Lily learned about a compass from his old memories and slowly understood what a compass was. After working with Rose again, they managed to find a lodestone which is naturally magnetic and after some shaping it a bit they painted one side red with a redberry and the other side black berry before tethering it to a magical twain string made by Rose.


This was indeed an old school compass which could be used to find North be it night or day. Jack was once again glad to hear this as he had the girls make a second Lodestone compass for Jocelyn. To keep it safe from damage Jack had Rode make two magical wooden boxes to carry them in. Rose altered the scrolls, quills and ink cups to be more practical and self contained in the scrolls and not spill out. This way they could be used interchangeably.

Jack: Look Jocelyn! We can make maps now.

Then Jack worked with Jocelyn, Lily and Rose to use one scroll to map what they knew so far. They started with Jocelyn's camp followed by the old burnt down village they lived in, then the hut Jack killed the three murders in and the water spots. After making a Legend at the bottom they could add many labels representing villages, monsters, murder sighting's, water and food locations. Granted they only covered a few miles so far they had a decent idea where they were now and a good idea where the Expedition headed off to. Jack then wondered if the Expedition knew was able to make a map as well cause if not they would be lost by now.

Jack: Wow I never thought that old stuff we learned in history and science would actually come in handy now. I guess we got lucky Rose can make wooden magical tools and Lily can read my memories. So with this we can map out this area and expand our search one section at a time. Any ideas where we should start Jocelyn?


The party was starting at the village. The Apes are going into their party mind set. Dancing around the fire, doing what must be singing or chants, eating small foods waiting on the beast that had been roasting since the return of the hunting party. A female ape came to Deckard to inform him the beast was ready to eat. He nodded to her giving a thumbs up to which she howled knowing she had done a good job. Deckard's short time being here changed their culture a ton. If they turned out to be like humans and evolve they could be something completely different because of him.
Deckard left his dwelling and stepped out armed raised like a messiah. Cheering echoed through out the village. They all knelled before Deckard. "Feast!" he shouted. And shockingly they orderly started to carve the beast. To Deckard it was par for the course but anyone else seeing it would be shocked they didn't just rip it to noting but bones in minutes.

The White Horned Apes behaved much like the cavemen of human past. The females used the stone knives to cut the meat and serve it up onto wooden bowls. They first served Deckard to pay homage to him then served the other males in the village before serving themselves. While this went on Deckard was also served a gourd like container full of homemade berry alcohol. Then the others were served a small cup of the same drink by the females. Of course they all waited till Deckard to eat and drink first before they ate. The ones on handmade wooden/skin covered drums waited in anticipation to begin the celebration. It appeared they needed permission from Deckard to celebrate.


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