End Game?

Jocelyn threw the fish bones in the fire and nodded to Jack's companions. "We could also use charcoal to write." he said. But he suddenly stopped paying attention looking out to the forest. "No one move." he said as a large lizard came into view. It got near the fence but stopped rearing back on its hind legs hissing at the fence before dropping down and lumbering off back to the woods. Jocelyn let out a long sigh of relief "Okay so we have a compass, and make tools now we need a game plan. Mainly about what to do when we meet people." Jocelyn explained. "We both know not everyone is trust worthy especially when they know you have supplies." he added. "But what ever we do...We need to get home soon."

Jack popped his neck as he thought about what Jocelyn said. It was true they needed to find a way to make sure they were not double crossed again. Then it hit him as inspiration engulfed his mind. Rose could make magical tools, which meant traps as well.

Jack: I got an idea...…………..but I need to test it out first.

Jack gently grabbed Lily by the hand so she could see into his mind. He gave her the image of wooden bracelets designed to stun the wearer if they attacked any of the students. Lily explained the concept to Rose who explained she would have to alter the idea a bit. Rose would be the only one who could activate the bracelets to stun the wearers. So the plan was simple as Rose would make a wooden bracelet for Jack and Jocelyn that temporarily boosted their speed in emergencies. Then when they meet new students in the future, Rose would make stun bracelets under the disguise of small power boost. Of course this would need to be a secret from others.

Jack: Okay I have an idea. Rose will make us a speed booster wooden bracelet and for the others we find she can make a wooden bracelet that can stun them if they betray us. She can also use the bracelets to tell where we are. Kinda like GPS. I got the idea from a few movies saw. So what do you say?

Deckard nodded to the apes holding his cup in a toast. Gesturing to each side of area before taking a large gulp and tearing off some of the meat. "Feast!" he shouted as they began to eat. Once they were all distracted with eating he let out a huff slouching in his chair a bit. Back home he was the teacher you both wanted and feared getting. He was a relaxed teacher who gave out easy home work, but he was almost to young. He was to connected with the things the students liked. Some saw him as a perverted dirt bag, though he never did anything illegal or even said anything, his swaggering, slouched, "I look good and know it" walk made people believe any rumor that was started. He was tired of being their god however. It was boring not doing anything all day, and he missed people. Real people. These creatures were nice enough, manners and social wise but they weren't people. They couldn't hold a conversation or provide any meaningful interactions he was lacking.

As Deckard contemplated his decisions, the White Horned Apes we engrossed in their feast and liquor. Sadly this big distraction caused a great many things to happen. First the White Horned Apes were very happy and blissfully unaware of their surroundings. Second the alcohol in their systems dulled their senses as they were into eating or mating. Of course a few female White Horned worked up the nerve to seduce poor Deckard. Then third as the feast was going well the guards who were supposed to be watching the perimeter were distracted by food, females and alcohol. This meant the aroma of their food had reached the nose of a rather large and nasty looking Lizard.


As things were getting interesting they all felt the ground vibrate as something big was approaching.


Many of the White Horned Ape were lost in the moment as the pressing danger grew closer. The big question is who will notice it first?


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