"WAIT!" Jocelyn said seeing them by the rope fence. "Just stay still." he said crawling out of the shelter holding a hand made knife. Though not in a way to defense, yet anyway but it made sense he would be wary considering the way some people changed after everything went nuts. "Don't touch the fence." Jocelyn warned. Jocelyn approached the three looking behind them and around to make sure it was just him. "Okay...don't make me regret this please..." he told Jack as he untied the unique knot holding the fence in place. "You don't want to touch'll make your head like tv static." he said unsure how to fully explain it. "It'll make your magic go banana bread." he added.
The camp was well maintained for being a single person living alone. "Did you find anyone else?" he asked sitting back in his shelter. Taking a fish on a stick and just digging in. As he chewed and listened to Jack he started rummaging in his pile of salvage again.

Jack quietly watched as Jocelyn disarmed his trap and allowed Jack, Lily and Rose to enter his camp. Jack sat a good ten feet from Jocelyn as Lily was on is left and Rose on his right. Though Jocelyn didn't look to dangerous it didn't mean he was not a threat. Jack decided to give himself some space in case things got ugly.

Jack: Yeah...…...I found Toby, Pete and Marcus after they had their way with Jill over a month ago. After seeing her lifeless body we...……………….well lets just say they won't hurt anyone anymore. Turns out they gave up on living here and decided to cut loose at everyone's expense. I seriously doubt they cared about the lives they took or the pain they caused. Sadly there are still a few more of them out there so its best to be cautious if we meet anyone. Since I plan on asking you the same question I will tell you my story.

I woke up to the fire in time to see my friend killed before me and then I was nearly beaten to death and left in a flaming building. I barely managed to escape and then by sheer luck I discovered my Monster Tamer Skill. After some struggles I managed to get two monsters, Lily the Slime and Rose the Magical puppet. Other than dead bodies from the village and the three we killed, we have met no others. So now what is your story Jocelyn?


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