My story

Jocelyn listened as Jack spoke. Until he mentioned the three they killed. "I know..." He said his expression turning dead and cold. "There used to be two more of them." He said cold and distant. "They...they started before the fires even did..." He said voice cracked once before he steeled himself. "Tim and Blake we're with those three." Jocelyn told Jack and his companions. "Weeks before the fires they all started to act something they all collectively decided it was a dream with nothing mattering. They would leer at the girls in class. I'd hear them talk about how good a new human race they could make...then it got much much worse...they would say things about how easy it would be to strangle someone." He explained.

Jocelyn took a breath. "But on the day the fires started 8 of us were assigned to collect fire wood. I was among them as well as the 5 Savage boys and two others. We saw the fires raging and we abandoned everything...I didn't want to I couldn't help it I just ran..." He said looking at Jack feeling guilty that he was at least to slightly blame for leaving him in the hut. "But a few weeks passed and the 5 started to get riled up...two if the others went missing. At first I wrote it off as this cursed place being to blame. But soon it became apparent that it was them. At the time we had several single person shelters fast to build so we could leave them if needed...but one night I awoke to lots of whispering the 5 of them around the campfire. I couldn't hear them...I nodded back off. But was awoken by them dragging me to the center of camp..." Jocelyn's word had been chopped and filled with occasional gags. "Before he finished his take he emptied the contents of his stomach into the mug. "I...killed two of them in their sleep..." He concluded hopefully Jack understood that the vomiting was not from the killing.

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