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Jocelyn took a breath. "But on the day the fires started 8 of us were assigned to collect fire wood. I was among them as well as the 5 Savage boys and two others. We saw the fires raging and we abandoned everything...I didn't want to I couldn't help it I just ran..." He said looking at Jack feeling guilty that he was at least to slightly blame for leaving him in the hut. "But a few weeks passed and the 5 started to get riled up...two if the others went missing. At first I wrote it off as this cursed place being to blame. But soon it became apparent that it was them. At the time we had several single person shelters fast to build so we could leave them if needed...but one night I awoke to lots of whispering the 5 of them around the campfire. I couldn't hear them...I nodded back off. But was awoken by them dragging me to the center of camp..." Jocelyn's word had been chopped and filled with occasional gags. "Before he finished his take he emptied the contents of his stomach into the mug. "I...killed two of them in their sleep..." He concluded hopefully Jack understood that the vomiting was not from the killing.

Jack looked at Jocelyn with a calm demeanor as he listened to his story. He wanted to make sure the story felt real based on Jocelyn's face. Jack found that the look from the eyes gave away a lot of truth compared to one's words. It was obvious that Jocelyn suffered a lot as well. To avoid sounding out of place Jack held Lily's hand so he could communicate with her telepathically.

Telepathic conversation between Jack and Lily

Jack: Looks like Jocelyn suffered too.

Lily: I do not understand. Is he sick? He did vomit his food.

Jack: Bad memories are bad for the stomach.

Lily: So what now Master? Do we trust Jocelyn?

Jack: For now. Don't drop your guard around him anytime soon, but for now we could use his help finding the others or the Expedition if possible. Granted we could live out here in the woods, but if there is a better place to go to we would never know.

Lily: I see Master. If that is your wish.

End of telepathic conversation

Jack: So Jocelyn, I know things are really bad for us right now, but our choices are few right now. We can live here and hope not to get eaten in our sleep by the monsters out there, or we can try to find some of the others and eventually track down the Expedition. I know they were crazy strong, but its possible they are not doing so well either. If I learned anything from Lily and Rose is that we need more numbers to survive in this world. That and I am curious if there is humanoid life on this planet besides us. So what do you think?


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