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Summary: "I've been doing this a long time, soon as we sat down I already had my exit route planned."

Ethan Miller

Gender: Male

Age: 33

Group: Task Unit 32




Task Unit 32 Team Leader


Born and raised in Texas, Ethan saw his calling in the Army. After he finished high school he enlisted into the Army just before the September 11 attacks. Once he saw the images of the planes colliding into the World Trade Center, he knew he made the right choice. Once he was finished Basic he volunteered for Airborne School and then followed on with RASP (Ranger Assessment and Selection Program). Completing RASP had to have been one of his most memorable moments cause this meant he was in, he was now a Ranger, but he didn't stop there. After four deployments into the Middle East with 2nd Battalion 75th Rangers he volunteered for Selection, he wanted to go all the way to the top. Which he did, he was number 18 out of the 30 men who passed Selection. Once he was in the Unit a new world was shown to him, he was know exposed to the threats that lurked in the shadows of the known world. He was sent to combat threats in places where the United States had no official presence in or areas where the US was in a "Advisory" capacity. This was where felt he could do the most good, until the CIA came knocking one day and tapped him for recruitment into the Special Activities Division.


Stands at roughly 6 foot even, keeps his head shaved and a groomed bushy beard

Gear Brands: Kitanica - Mark V Jacket (Ranger Green), All Season Pant (Khaki)
Salomon - Evasion 2 Aero Shoes (Beige) Mechanix - M-Pact Gloves (Black, Right index finger tip exposed) Haley Strategic - D3CRX Chest Rig (Ranger Green) Blackhawk! - Serpa Lvl 3 Holster (Black Right Thigh) HSGI - Leg Rig V1 (Black Left Thigh)


[Redacted, Classified]

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Image of Ethan Miller
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