The City: Resupply

The two Operators looked at the doctor who followed them, Ethan shook his head. "Stalker this is Oracle come in over." Ethan clicked on his radio. "This is Stalker go ahead." Vincent looked over at Carson, "Don't worry Doc, this'll be a cakewalk. Doubt we'll be engaged when this thing kicks off." Ethan clicked off his radio. "We gotta make a detour, resupply." Vincent nodded.

-2 hours later-

The team arrived at a warehouse on the wharf where they met two men next to two vans. "Stalker Team?" One of the men asked. "Yeah, you guys got the gear?" The man nodded and tossed him a key to one of the vans. "It's all there, got a couple of plate carriers, small arms, your helmets are there too each with a set of NODs in case you wanna play around in the dark." The teams shook hands and each went their own ways. "Doc you're driving, we need to check the gear." Vincent said as he tossed her the key.

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