Equipment Check

OOC: No worries, I know things are going slow. I'll try to keep this alive as much as possible.

"Ok let's see what Santa gave us to play with." Vincent said as he unzipped the large duffle bags. The two men pulled out an assortment of kit: two MK-18s, two plate carriers in black, several packed magazines of 5.56 rounds, two F.A.S.T helmets in black with PVS-14 monoculars attached as well as assorted ammo and medical supplies. Instinctively they looked over the weapons to make sure they functioned properly. As time passed the van came to a stop near the entrance to a row of warehouses. "Carson, keep an eye out for the target vehicle, should be a dark blue Honda Accord. Wake us when you got eyes." Vincent said as he patted her on the shoulder.

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