Warehouse: The Snatch

"We have movement." The two Operators awoken and grabbed their weapons, Vincent moved closer to the front of the van to get a closer look. He flipped down the monocle NVG, "Yup, blue Honda Accord, gotta be our boy." Ethan did a quick brass check of his weapon. Soon as the driver of the blue vehicle exited, Vincent smirked. "Alright Doc, let's do this." As Vincent throttled the van forward, Ethan and Vincent slid the the side door of the van open and readied their weapons. The driver of the Accord panicked as he tried to get his door open. Carson slammed on the breaks and parked the van right next to the Accord. Ethan quickly fired off several rounds of 5.56 into the engine of the car, disabling it. The driver dropped his keys and took off."He's rabbiting!" Vincent shouted as he chased after the target. Ethan clicked on his radio, "Oracle this is Stalker 2, Stalker 1 in pursuit of HVT break. We're circling around trying to cut him off." He patted Carson on the shoulder who gunned the motor and tried to circle around the warehouse.

Vincent ran as quick as he could chasing the target, all the while the HVT was tipping over barrels and random objects strewn along the path. Instinctively Vincent wanted to put a bullet in his leg and take him down but they had orders to take him in unharmed. Just as they were about to round the next corner, the van came to a screeching halt and blocked the HVT's escape route. Vincent and Ethan brought their weapons up. "Hands, let me see your fuckin hands!" Vincent shouted as he placed reticle of his Aimpoint Micro T1 on the back of the HVT. Soon the target had put his hands up Ethan pulled him into the van, zipped tied his hands and placed a bag over his head. "Oracle this is Stalker 1, package secured show us RTB out."

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