The City: Pursuit

The two Operators maintained a fair distance from the suspect as they followed him through the crowd. "Stalker this is Oracle, what's the status on the suspect." Ethan clicked on his radio. "Standby." The two men picked up speed. Suddenly the suspect looked behind him and made eye contact with Vincent. "Shit." was all he had time to say as the suspect broke into a run. "Oracle be advised, suspect is rabbiting break. Stalker in pursuit." As they pushed through the crowds the suspect turned down an alley. This made Ethan and Vincent violently shove people out of the way to try to catch up with the suspect. As they made it into the alley they immediately started taking fire from the end the suspect was running towards. As Ethan dove for cover he clicked on his radio. "Shit, Oracle this is Stalker, we're receiving small arms fire break. Stalker's engaging." Both men un-holstered their concealed handguns and began returning fire. As Ethan popped out from behind cover and engaged, Vincent took the opportunity to push up to get a better position. He took aim from behind the dumpster he was behind and just as the suspect popped out he placed three well aimed shots into the suspect's leg. As the man went down Vincent rushed him and stripped the gun away from him. He clicked on his radio. "Oracle be advised, suspect in custody break. He's got three GSWs (gunshot wounds) to the right upper thigh break. We're administering trauma aid and bring him back to the nest over." Quickly the two men applied two tourniquets to the leg and then wrapped an Israeli Bandage around the wounds. Soon as they were down Vincent quickly ran to get the car so they could load him up. "Oracle packaged secured, Stalker is RTB. (returning to base)"

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