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Summary: Everyone is weird in their own unique way.


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Gender: Pending

Age: 9

Group: Interested in Being a Moderator

Mod Position(s) You'd be Interested in

Setting Manager
Organization Manager
Mod Leader

I have been a co-mod of three, fairly involved OW Games, those being Kingdoms Realms, Two Kingdoms, and Maelstrom.

Approximate Posting Frequency For Game

1-3 Posts Weekly

What Would You Like to Get Out of the Game?

I'd like to write with people I haven't really worked with yet, such as Moon-Eye and AmberGirl. I'd also like to write alongside people I haven't written with in awhile, like ConnorCandy, DaMasterT, and Tedwar.

Writing Style Comments

I tend to be quite particular about details, even small ones, and making sure that a story makes sense and is feasible.

I would also call myself a "plot person" in the sense that I like to have the ability to write a story and influence the plot, not just be a part of an ongoing story.

Preferred Genres

I'm pretty flexible here, although I find vampire/werewolf romances and other more erotic literature to be rather unpleasant.

Character Creation Philosophy

I try to find a balance between designing characters that are well equipped to contribute to the stories that they are a part of and making characters that I think I will enjoy writing. I like for my characters to be different from most of the other characters in a game, from a gender, age, personality, appearance, and skillset standpoint when possible.

Preferred Level of Creative Freedom

I used to be staunchly in favor of the philosophy that I needed as much creative freedom as possible to enjoy a game, but I'm starting to learn that as long as I have some creative liberties and the mods are open to any thoughts I have, I can live with creative restrictions.

Preferred Level of Realism

I like for things to make sense to a certain degree. I want characters to have a degree of moral and logical rational behind the decisions they make, and I want there to be a reason why things are the way they are in a setting.

I also sympathize with the plight of the mook, and I'd like to see other ways for people to make their hero look like a badass other than have him kill 60 bandits. Seriously, people who rob and kill people for a living are probably hardier and better at fighting than most people, and they also probably have a decent sense of self preservation. They probably aren't going to just walk into your sword and die.

Other Comments

I'd really like to see this Come Together Game get off the ground.

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