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Summary: You have plenty of choices, but you still aren't in control.


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Gender: Pending

Age: 9

Group: Undecided

Mod Position(s) You'd be Interested in

Maybe Asst Setting Manager. Undecided

Approximate Posting Frequency For Game

2-3 times per week (It may be helpful to encourage posting maximums for some players to keep them from getting too far ahead of others who post at a slower pace.)

What Would You Like to Get Out of the Game?

I’d like to see what kind of magical words will get thrown down when diverse talent sets their minds towards one plan. I want to explore some settings that I may not otherwise consider to try.

Writing Style Comments

I try to include enough detail or continuity to make it clear what my character is doing, why they’re doing it, what they look like while doing it (if that’s prone to change or pertinent.) When you’re dealing with magic or powers, the “how” becomes more difficult to clarify, but I try to throw in some techno-magic-babble to explain it sufficiently to pass the torch.

I tend to use dialogue heavy character interactions. I frown upon misspelled words and failure to focus on improving grammar. I am not perfect by any means and appreciate being corrected so as to become more than I was. I assume others appreciate that same level of criticism in return.

Preferred Genres

High Fantasy, Marvel’s X-Men, Darker Supernatural Themes #Vampires

I normally stay away from anime inspired themes, talking animals, Supernatural themes that have been fluffed up or made into silly versions of their original material.

Character Creation Philosophy

I come up with a character idea by pretending to have a conversation with one of the characters already established in the game. That forces me to determine what my character sounds like (gender, nationality, pitch of voice, education level) before I’ve even figured out what they’d actually be saying. I normally change a few of these things early on, but they all play into the next steps of fleshing out the character. Do they have any skills or powers? How did they get their skills or powers? How do they utilize their skills or powers. When I have a rough idea of all that, I picture the earlier conversation and determine what my character would look like, physical mannerisms. The background/history is the hardest for me to write because by that point I am almost locked in so I can’t stray too far from what the character’s telling me they are. I have to fit the history into the part of the equation that would result in the version of the character I’m seeing in my head. Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it’s a challenge.

I almost always create and write female characters. I’ve considered why this is the case and I have an answer, but I’m not sure that answer speaks well for me as a person. I have a difficult time connecting with other men on an emotional level. I find it easier and preferable to connect with females. When I’m creating a character for whom I will be writing in game post it’s important that I be able to connect with them and care about what happens to them. If I create a male character it’s most likely doomed to NPC death quite early. #FodderFred

Preferred Level of Creative Freedom

I’m good about observing the current setting and plot and fitting my character into it. That said, I absolutely want some power to flesh out a setting or plot while I write the environment my character plays in. More detail provided by the setting/plot creator gives me enough to decide whether I like said setting/plot and the more I like it, the less I feel the need to create my own bubble within it. I don’t outright defy or ignore the creator’s setting/plot, but I can certainly add to it in a way that introduces alternatives more to my liking.

Preferred Level of Realism

This is a tricky one. I’d say, if a player doesn’t take the time to flesh out the power on their bio/character sheet and get it approved by the mod beforehand, then that player shouldn’t be allowed to introduce said power in the game. Listing powers in vague terms is also irritating to me. If you can telekinetically manipulate items, I want to see the character bio break it down to weight limits, distance, # of items, scale of control, frequency of control and maybe even what they can’t do. BUT… if a writer is sufficiently creative and respectful of others characters I’m willing to ignore everything I just said and trust them to proceed in a way that doesn’t make me cringe and start searching for the Moderator’s email address.

Other Comments

I promise to have input soon.

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