Joanne signs up...

"Yow!" Joanne jumped as Vic spoke, the Toyota fishtailing a bit before she got control back. She hit the brakes and pulled her truck off the road before turning suddenly on her new passenger.

"Don't do that! Shit, do you want to get me killed?" Joanne asked Vic harshly.

She turned away from the angel, and stared out the windshield lost in thought. After a minute or so, Joanne growled for a second before turning back to Vic, a decision apparently made.

"Okay, since you asked nicely, I'm in." Joanne said with a smirk.

Her expression then turned deadly serious. "But I want you to remember two things while you make me a Hunter and join in your little war. First, you need me more than I need you. And second, if this turns into some sort of Inquisition, so help me, I will hunt YOU down instead, got it?"

Joanne put her Tacoma back in gear and looked over at Vic again. "Now get the hell out of my truck, I'll be along shortly. Oh, and Vic, one more're welcome."

As soon as Vic disappeared, Joanne shook her head. "I hope you know what you're doing girl," she muttered to herself as she turned her Tacoma around and headed back.


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