Into the night

Duncan looked back and saw Joanne turn her car around. He shrugged. Maybe she had changed her mind and decided not to join him.

He kept driving into the night happy that he was protected from the Angel's gaze and that he would not be able to locate him.
He drove his bike a few more miles and found a run down side of the road cheap motel. He booked himself a room.

The room was small, with one bed, a wooden table and two chairs. The beige wall papper turning a shade of grey with dirt and with old age. The smell of sweat and booze permeated the room. Next door he clearly heard a woman's over the top, exaggerated ecstasy moans. He dropped his bag on the floor and placed the Scotch on the table.
~My kind of dive.~

For the next 20 minutes he went about protecting the room as best as he could. Salt lines against the door and windows. Using a piece of charcoal he drew a few Protection Enochian symbols on the walls as well as a small hidden Key of Solomon trap.
Once he was done he stripped down to his boxer shorts and poured himself a large portion of Scotch which he gulped down in one go. He grinned as it burned its throat going down.

He pulled his files from his bag and connected to the Motel's wi-fi grid using programs to disguise is current location and IP address.

The last know location of Aaron Bass was nearby. He had called in quiet a few favors both in France and Israel to track his first target. This was the last place on his list where Aaron had been seen and had contacted the remnants of the Judah initiative.
His last two leads had taken him nowhere.

If reports coming from different parts of the world where correct he needed to step up his search.
Even though Hell was closed some of the most powerful and ancient entities left on Earth were positioning themselves to bring about a huge cataclysm not seen since the times of the biblical Flood. And even though there were no concrete proof yet of such a plan, mentions of beings like Baal, Tiamat and Samael where starting to crop up here and there in Hunter's reports.

Duncan poured himself another drink and wondered what the Angel in the diner really wanted with them.

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