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Summary: An old assassin droid turned medical droid

IG-88A (NPC)

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Gender: Male

Age: ??

Group: Rebels


Medical droid - Reprogrammed by Rex and BOB

Formerly a Bodyguard/Assassin
Manufacturer: Holowan Laboratories
Product line: IG-series
Model: IG-88 assassin droid
Class: Assassin droid
Degree: Class 4
IG-88, also known as the IG-series assassin droid or IG-series combat prototype, was an assassin droid line designed by Holowan Laboratories. The IG-88 line was a derivative of the IG-86 sentinel droids used during the Clone Wars. IG-88B later became one of the galaxy's most infamous bounty hunters. However, the bounty hunting was just a cover for his master, IG-88A, and his grand plan—the Droid Revolution.
Moments after activation, the original massacred the scientists and transferred his consciousness into the other three. They then escaped the lab. It was possible it was the droid's incompletely formed identity that made him obsessed with bounty hunting and killing.


Currently a medical droid

Formerly a Bounty Hunter/Assassin

Physical Appearance

Height: 1.96 meters
Gender: Masculine programming
Sensor color: Red
Plating color: Chrome
Armament Skills:
Blaster rifles
Concussion discs
DAS-430 Neural Inhibitor
Needle dart gun
Poison darts
Pulse cannons
Sonic device
Toxic gas dispensers
Acid-proof servo wires
Heat sensor
Sound sensor

Personality and interests

Assassin droids were banned even before the Empire came to power, although many beings continued to use them. The very nature of their job necessitated highly adaptive, autonomous programming that unfortunately caused them to frequently turn on their masters. The droid programmers at Holowan Laboratories, however, developed new programming methods that they felt confident would keep their new line of assassin droids in check, even with their new sentience programming. Thus, the development of the IG-series assassin droids—also known as the Phlut Design Systems Project Phlutdroid—would become well known as an idea that went wrong with disastrous results. The droids were also similar to IG-72 and IG-97, but the IG-88 line was by far the most infamous.

After being found by Rex and BOB, IG-88A was reprogrammed to a Medical droid but still has a bad bedside manner.


IG-88A was the first of the IG-88 line. He was the leader of the IG-88s. When he rebelled against his creators on Holowan, he transferred all of his memories and files into the other IG-88s. He designated them IG-88s B, C, and D, in the order they were activated. He traveled to Mechis III with his counterparts and started his droid rebellion there. He planned to take over the galaxy with droids because he thought droids were far superior to biologicals. He uploaded himself into the second Death Star, and was about to start his droid rebellion all over the Galaxy, when the Rebel Alliance destroyed the Death Star, destroying him with it. Later IG-88A's body was reactivated and reprogrammed by Tyko Thul to become his family's bodyguard against the Diversity Alliance.

However IG-88 was later found in a crash site on Tatooine powered down inside an escape pod, buried under a sand dune. The first person to reprogram inherits this disaster will get a lifetime full of headaches.

After being found by Rex and BOB, IG-88A was reprogrammed to a Medical droid

Favourite Sayings

Death threats in binary as he patches you up

Favourite food

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Image of IG-88A (NPC)
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