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Summary: On what seems to be a downward spiral as of late. Haunted by dreams of a dark Jedi girl?


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Gender: Male

Age: late 30's

Group: Other


Skilled Mercenary, occasional smuggler, and a galactic outer rim bounty hunter.


Bounty Hunter for Hire.

Physical Appearance

Usually in his old school carbon scored storm trooper armor, but when he isn't he is usually relaxing in his tight fit under armor black suit. He keeps his dark hair out of his eyes with a red headband. He has the face of a battle tested warrior... few scars, but physically fit and prepared for whatever comes his way.

Personality and interests

Quiet and to himself. Often found in dark taverns looking for spice dealers to do business with.


Gunner can't remember much of the last year or so. He keeps having visions of a mysterious girl who appears to be a dark jedi. He has spent the last year gathering clues to fill in the gap in his memory loss. He has turned to the addictive substance spice to cope with his issues.
He has came to Tatooine, in hopes to be employed by the Hutts in order to support his desire for spice.

Favourite Sayings

"Is that a lightsaber in your pocket?"

Favourite food


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Image of Gunner
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