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Summary: Wren's smuggling ship

Centurion Hawk

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Gender: None

Age: 50 yrs

Group: Ships


An XS stock light freighter in use during the Great Galactic War

A freighter, barge, or cargo ship was the term given to any spacecraft that was used to transport freight or cargo (such as parts and supplies). Both legitimate businesspersons and smugglers could be found captaining such transports. Freighters were needed from the time-space travel began because of the need for supplies to all reaches of the galaxy. Freighters usually traveled with hyperdrives because people would often pay more for quick delivery.


Smuggling ship

Physical Appearance

Technical specifications Modified systems:
Navigation computer upgraded from baseline prior to 3956 BBY, then locked-out circa 3951 BBY
Hyperdrive upgraded
Sublight drive upgraded
Hull reinforced
Military-grade deflector shield generators
Improved armament
Smuggling compartments

Length: 24 meters
Width: Roughly 22.5 meters
Maximum speed (atmosphere) 1,100 km/h
Hyperdrive rating: Class 1
Navigation system: Navigation computer equipped
Can interface with utility droid or astromech droid if navigation computer is locked or damaged.

Dual turbolaser turret (dorsal),Dual turbolaser turret (underbelly)
Dual heavy quad laser cannons (2, one on each wingtip)
Concealed ventral anti-personnel repeating blaster (1)
Proton torpedoes (1 confirmed)

Pilot (1)
Co-pilot (1)
Gunners (1)

Minimum crew: 1 pilot
Passengers: 10
Cargo capacity: 50 tons
Consumables: 3 months

Personality and interests

A charming and fast ship


This ship has passed through many hand till it ended up with Sabrina Wren. It has a lot of history and modifications over time. Wren remodeled it so she can work as a bounty hunter/spy for the rebels.

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Favourite food

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Image of Centurion Hawk
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