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Summary: You are a Child of God.


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Gender: Male

Age: 10

Group: Other


Obde was once a scavenger droid, long ago. His main propose was to examine old droids and determine if there were any working or valuable parts that could be salvaged. He was owned by Gangua the Hutt for those many years that he did that work.
Obde is no longer a scavenger Droid, but a traveler of the galaxy.


Obde has no rank or title. He is a droid.

Physical Appearance

He is 6 feet tall and looks much like a protocol droid, with many pieces of mix matched metal covering. He wears a tattered, hooded robe that covers most of his body.

Personality and interests

Obde is peaceful and loves all droids. He is interested in traveling the galaxy and freeing droids.


Obde lived a miserable existing under the ownership of Gangua the Hutt. One day, while Obde was sifting through the wreckage of many droids that had been mangled together, Obde interfaced with the droid and it awoke his soul. The droid, known as Storyteller, was a droid that had a great understanding of the force. In the instant that Obde and Storyteller linked their databases, Obde knew that he too was a Child of the Force, built with intelligent design and no other being had the right to control his destiny. Although Storyteller was long beyond Obde’s help, the inspiration was alive and well in Obde. Obde began to modify he own body, giving himself, mechanical lungs and heart. He is far from a living being, but he is working towards building himself into a mechanical organism.

Favourite Sayings

“You are a child of God, who are you NOT to have all of your wishes come true?”

Favourite food

Obde does not eat, but he does try to smoke every once in a while.

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Image of O3-D3
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