A Good Ole Standoff

OOC - Oh okay. I asked because there was a character named Gunner in the Clone Wars that was good friends with the original Rex. Of course that Clone would have white hair by now like the original Rex.

Crystal glared at the trooper before picking up the com. “ I am Crystal I was Kylo Ren’s apprentice, I’m looking for the resistance, I have to warn them. Anyway stormtrooper identify your self” she said.

Crystal ignited her saber and charged towards the ship to stop the individuals from stealing it. Her saber would make her easily recognizable and just might scare them of. Not that that mattered she had to find Gunner. Even though she was struggling with the heat she still keep moving. She was stronger that she seamed.

The Jawas panicked as they ran off and abandoned the Sandcrawler. They were only brave when it came to sneaking up on droids since they only packed Ion guns. It didn't take long before they ran off into the dunes and disappeared. More than likely they planned to hide till they could recover their Sandcrawler.

Rex switched his rifle from sniper mode to assault mode as he kept his aim on Crystal. She may have claimed to be with the rebels but she was clearly holding a red colored lightsaber. However he noticed she avoided killing the Jawas by scaring them off while leaving her guard down for him. Either she was a lousy apprentice or she was not a threat.

Rex: Okay now you have my curiosity little miss. You claim to be a Sith Apprentice's Apprentice while bearing a red lightsaber, which I find very unpleasing. However you are concerned for your friend and willing to take me on while scaring away the Jawas while claiming to be looking for the rebels to warn them? That is quite the paradox I must say. If I were a First Order Trooper you would be in a lot of trouble miss, not that a sad brainwashed conscript could hold a candle to my superior breed. Since you don't recognize me its obvious you have been sheltered and have little contact with the rebellion. However, if the information you have is really legit then I will consider not putting a rather large hole in your head. By the way I'm Captain Rex CT-7567V2.....second generation clone trooper in service of the Republic and Rebellion. Now since your friend already left, by the looks of his tracks, how about you tell me what is so important that a Sith lackey like yourself would risk life and limb to betray the First Order. Depending on your reply I will either lower my gun or shoot you between the eyes little miss.

Rex was in full blue and white armor as he aimed at Crystal. It was obvious his armor didn't match that of a Storm Trooper or a First Order Trooper. He also gave off the presence of being very dangerous and elite while calculating. By his mannerisms he was very experience and showed no openings as he waited for an answer.


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