Crystal was quietly tired of the troupers nonsense. She held out her hand and camand the force to bring his weapon to her. The hand with the saber was at the redy to block any shots he fired off. She glared at him.

“ clearly not better then the first order tropes because they know that you little toy will do you no good agenst me. I will explain this once and only once.” She growls. Her stance suddenly became more men icing and more like that of a sith apprentice.

“ I was Kylo Ren’s apprentice. I was raised by him and General Hux, Kylo Ren’s and the General are headed to regroup we Supreme Leader Snok. They have ships that can knock out an entire fleet, they will be planning to mount a full scal atack onthe resistance you are so small you don’t stand a chance. Anyway I need to find my friend he helped me escape from my old master I want to learn more about the force. Kylo keep a lot of information from me.” She said she glared at him and waghted for him to dicided wether or not he wanted to fight with her.

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