Walking though walls

Rex: Be careful RED. Its hard to tell if the crystals are ripe to harvest. We don't want to damage the immature crystals since they are rare and take a long time to ripen.
“Yes Captain, as you request” replied RED it backed away from the crystal slowly the droid still had no understanding why it was important to have the crystals. RED moved round recording what it could and taking reading of everything. RED knew this place was very significant cave. The droid made another pass with his Infrared light. “What the, Captain REX!” the droid said loudly. The droid moved quickly for the size it slid to a stop near where REX was last standing. It looked anxiously over the area. “Captain REX is gone” the droid watch as Crystal walked through the wall and disappeared. “O, grate a secret passage if things could not get weirder” said RED. The droid took a few steps back “Lady Sabrina, do I need to go after them” the droid asked.

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