Lesson 1

Sabrina and the others would be able to pick up the others life sines but they would be unable to follow them. “Is this one of those strange Jedi things” one of the Rebels asked as he examine the wall of the cave he had seen Crystal walk through.

Sabrina: Not sure that was long before my time. Rex would know since he lived with them through three eras.

Crystal blink and looked at the master siting on the rock. “ I remember your voice while I was meditating we were on at way to Mandalor I think know who are you” she asked.

“Right you are, wrong question you ask.” Yoda said giving one of his muppet laughs. This of course unsettled Crystal as he had when she first heard the voice. “Then what is the right question” Crystal said contemplating his response.

While Crystal thought, Master Yoda turned her attention back to Rex. “More Jedi the galaxy needs. Walk this path carefully we most.” Yoda said.

“You mean like before the first order” Crystal asked thoughtfully.

“Many Jedi there once was, rushed into war to quietly we did.” Yoda said.

“You're talking about the clone wars before the empire” Crystal said.

“Right you are, perceptive the apprentice has great fear she had” Yoda said addressing Rex. Crystal had the good sense to be quite and listen.

Rex: The Clone War marked the end of the Era of the Jedi and their ways. The Empire wiped out most of their past and the First Order is attempting to do the same out of fear the Jedi will one day rise again.

Yoda: Hmmmmm......indeed. A promising student you have always been young Rex.

Rex looked at Crystal with a smirk.

Rex: Master Yoda was around 900 years old when he passed on. I am just a kid in his eyes. Don't let it bother you when he does the same.

Yoda: Few Clones like Rex survived Order 66, they did. He is both smart and lucky indeed.

Rex: Well I was privileged to have good instructors back then.

Yoda: Tis sad only three of you avoided that curse.

Rex: Yeah it was a dark day. I lost my family that day and was forced to fight them to survive.

Yoda: And here we are. Hehehehe.

Rex: So I take it we will train now?

Yoda: Yes here you will train.

Rex: Well just two problems.

Yoda: And they are?

Rex: Well I am still injured and my wife Sabrina will loose it if you keep blocking her signal.

Yoda: (chuckle) Fear your wife do you Rex?

Rex: More than the entire First Order combined.

Yoda lost it as he cackled and smacked his wood cane on the rocks. Eventually he regained his composure.

Rex: I thought Jedi had to take a vow of being single.

Yoda: Normally...yes.....but you Rex have lived long and seen much. Besides it is the will of the Force.

Rex: Very well then. As soon as RED clears me I will begin. It should only be a day or two since he does good work.

Yoda: Good. Then focus on the girl I will.

Rex: Ummm Master Yoda? The Coms?

Yoda: Hehehehe....very well then.


Suddenly the coms came back on and Rex heard Sabrina yelling on her coms.


Rex: Whoa!!! ease up girl! I am here. Sorry Master Yoda was having some fun with me so its all good. Just put the blaster away and relax.

The two rebels saw Sabrina was indeed holding her blaster tightly as she slowly holstered it.

Sabrina: Oh Rexy I was scared. Wait isn't he dead?

Rex: I know. Don't worry that pretty head of yours and focus on collecting crystals for now. Master Yoda is a ghost now and wants to train Crystal and I a bit.

Sabrina: But you are still hurt.

Rex: I told him and he will begin with Crystal first till RED releases me back to duty.

Sabrina: Oh.......good then. So can you be my hug pillow tonight?

Rex: Yeah sure if it will calm your destructive urges.

Sabrina: Thank you baby.

Sabrina was now in a chipper mood as she was going back to collecting kyber crystals.


Rex looked at Yoda and smirked as he gestured to Crystal.

Rex: Her balance needs improvement and she has a tendency to use to much power in her attacks.

Yoda: Fix it I shall. Till then you focus on meditation to feel the force.

Rex: Yes sir.

Rex looked at Crystal and smiled at her.

Rex: Do everything he says without question. The more you argue the long it takes, but don't be in a rush or you will miss something important.

Rex left them and found a large flat rock to sit on and begin his meditation training.


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