Lesson 1

Yoda looked at crystal. “ redy your lighter test your skills we shall” he said. Crystal became uneasy her light saber was Red. Would Master Yoda turn on her like the rebel’s seamed to want to. “ unshuer of this path you are, afraid you are” Yoda said.

That seamed to frustrate crystal “ I’m not afraid, I’m just don’t want to be judged” she said Finley igniting her lightsaber. Yoda laughed once again. “ suit you that blade dose not. Practice forms you will” he said.

Luna did as she was told however what she know of lightsaber battles she had been thought by Kylo Ren how himself was unbalance and tended to use to much power behind his attacks. Yoda wasted no time give instructions and correcting her forme. After a wile her mind started to drift to Gunner she want to know if he was ok. It was her fault he had ended up in the situation he was in. She lost balance and fell almost cutting herself. “Ahh” she said startled.

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