Checking In

Yoda looked at Crystal. “Ready your lighter test your skills we shall” he said. Crystal became uneasy her light saber was Red. Would Master Yoda turn on her like the rebel’s seamed to want to. “ unsure of this path you are, afraid you are” Yoda said.

That seamed to frustrate Crystal “I’m not afraid, I’m just don’t want to be judged” she said finally igniting her lightsaber. Yoda laughed once again. “Suit you that blade does not. Practice forms you will” he said.

Crystal did as she was told however what she know of lightsaber battles she had been thought by Kylo Ren how himself was unbalance and tended to use to much power behind his attacks. Yoda wasted no time give instructions and correcting her form. After a while her mind started to drift to Gunner she want to know if he was ok. It was her fault he had ended up in the situation he was in. She lost balance and fell almost cutting herself. “Ahh” she said startled.

Rex got on his coms and told Sabrina what was going on and that it was important to keep.

Rex: Hey Sabrina can you hear me now?

Sabrina: Oh Rexy is that you? What happened? I got so worried! I thought I........

Rex: Relax girl. Crystal and I ran into the ghost of Master Yoda.

Sabrina: Seriously? You can see a ghost?

Rex: Apparently only those linked to the force can do it.

Sabrina: So that means you two will be training alone with a ghost huh?

Rex: Yeah pretty much.

Sabrina: What about your wound?

Rex: I told him and he put me on meditation for now till RED releases me to being active again. Right now he is working with Crystal who is still trying to figure things out.

Sabrina: So how long will you be doing that?

Rex: Well he will have to stop to let us sleep and eat so..........

Sabrina: You better pamper me when you get back.

Rex: Take it easy on me girl. You know I am injured.

Sabrina: Ugggg you are neglecting your position as husband you know?

Rex: And you are being a little selfish.

Sabrina: Only a little?

Rex: I was being nice.

Sabrina: Hee hehehehehehehe!

Rex: I'll check in with you when I get more info.

Sabrina: Alright. I'll tell the others and keep mining crystals.

Rex: Thanks Sabrina.

Sabrina then proclaimed her love for Rex another five minutes before telling the others what happened to Rex and Crystal before she nagged them to collect more crystals. Rex then went to his meditation training to move a small rock.


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