Training Daze

“So it is some weird Jedi thing” one of the rebel’s asked as they went to work. It was a long wile before ether of them spoke again.” Is it really possible for someone to switch side like that you know from Sith to Jedi.” One of them asked.

Rex through headset: Yes the line between them is very thin. Master Yoda told me giving into temptation leads to the darkside.

Rebel 1: is more to the Jedi and Sith than we knew.

Rex: Its a complicated religion. As it is I am still learning about it.

“Focused on a friend you were. Close to you he is” Yoda asked. Crystal just looked at him for a moment. At lest some things were still the same is had always unsettled her when Kylo Ren did that to her.

“His name is Gunner. He showed me where the path I was on led, and helped me escape from it. Now he’s in a coma and it’s my fault” she said as she got to her feet and started the drills again. This time however her movement improved and became more balanced she still had a long way to go but there was a clear improvement. “ Lear to let go of attachments you most.” Master Yoda said he let her continue the drills he had instructed her to do and turned his attention to Rex.

“What do you feel” he asked.

Rex: Besides my sore chest and the rock jabbing my rear?

Yoda: Hehe funny you are. Yet you found it yes? Your source.

Rex: It is like you said Master Yoda. Funny how a long life help prepare me for this.

Yoda: Hmmmm.....with age comes wisdom yes?

Rex: Something like that. Of course this would be a lot easier if I was healthier.

Yoda: When it heals, your body does you will feel it stronger...the force that is.

Rex: Good cause we don't know how much time we have before we have to move again.

Yoda: All will reveal itself when the time is right.

Rex: Always cryptic as usual.

Yoda chuckled before going back to training Crystal.


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