Rounding Up

After BOB reprogrammed the IG-88A to be a medical/repair droid they fixed up a few more droids and BOB organized the droid repair team to fix the crashed ship. Rex had to scare off the Jawas again who really wanted their stole droids back. However the idea of being shot by a trooper was enough to keep them hidden. Rex kept the area safe from the Jawas and wild life as he patiently waited for the droids to fix up the ship.

BOB, IG-88A and several repair and power droids were busy working hard to repair the crashed ship which seemed to be a small cargo ship with a bunk room, a cockpit and a cargo space in back. Rex kept a solid watch as the droids continued to work nonstop to get the ship working again. They used a lot of scrap and tools from the Sandcrawler as they welded, soldiered and switched out parts. Luckily the greedy Jawas had a lot of usable parts the droids needed to make the repairs. Rex sipped from his canteen to wet his throat as he fired another shot at a Jawa to scare them off. They were plenty mad after Rex and Crystal took their stolen loot and Sandcrawler. However they were far from brave enough to take it back since it was a death sentence taking on a storm trooper, clone trooper or whatever they thought Rex was. Then BOB floated towards Rex to report in.

Rex: Report BOB.

BOB: Well somehow we managed to fix the hyperdrive and the main systems.

Rex: Good what else.

BOB: You're not going to like it.

Rex: Tell me anyway.

BOB: There was a tracking beacon onboard and its been on for quite sometime. Its just a matter of time before we are found.

Rex: Rookie mistake. Alright keep it turned on, but take it out and give it to me. We can have some fun with them when they get here.

BOB: Why do I have the feeling you are about to do something terrible?

Rex: Because I am. Now when you get a chance make me a drone out of spare parts. Nothing fancy I just want it to go from here to a designated spot and stop.

BOB: And what spot will that be?

Rex: The Great Pit of Carkoon which is located within the Northern Dune Sea. Home of a rapacious, if slow-eating, adult sarlacc. I want the beacon near the mouth of that thing. Should they be dumb enough to get close they will get caught.

BOB: You are out of your mind you know that?

Rex: You prefer to hold onto that beacon?

BOB: Of course not. I'll do it only because I don't want to be captured by the First Order.

Rex: Good choice BOB. Let me know when you fix the ship and when you send out the beacon.

BOB: Yeah yeah...…… blood thirsty tyrant.

BOB went back to work, and did as Rex asked. Half an hour later a small drone wearing a beacon was heading off to its destination. Rex chuckled as he watched it fly off into the desert. He didn't really care if the Sand people intercepted it since it would be the death of them if they did. After another hour BOB came back and reported the ship was fixed and the droids wanted to tag along since they hated the Jawas. BOB recommended keeping them around since the ship was repaired with nonstandard parts and they would need to fix it on the spot if they had more problems. Rex looked at the Sandcrawler and then at the droids before he agreed.

Rex: You just don't want to have to do all the work huh?

BOB: I knew you would say that.

Rex: Actually I was going to bring them anyway since I am sure the rebels will be short on droids anyway. Make sure they are obedient to me till I transfer them to the rebels.

BOB: I take it you don't trust the Sith girl?

Rex: You can like someone but not trust them BOB.

BOB: Whatever.

Rex: So what do we have as far as droids now?

BOB: Well including myself we have ten droids in total. IG-88A is now a medical/repair droid with a rather nasty bedside manner. Then we have two Power droids and six Astromech droids.

Rex: Good. If we get shot at we will need them. Okay then lets get airborne and pick up the other two.

BOB: You really want to go back for them?

Rex: Well my mission is to help the rebels take down the First Order. So that being said, any intelligence or supplies I can gather for them will be critical. As of now I have you and your data, nine useful droids and two turncoats with critical intel. Not bad for my first mission in some time.

BOB: You know something terrible is going to happen right?

Rex: We are at war BOB, its a miracle something terrible doesn't happen all the time.

BOB: You have a point. Lets go then.

BOB and Rex entered the cargo ship as the droids took their place in the recharge stations. IG-88A moved to the first aid station and locked himself in to recharge. BOB got the ship out of the sand and in the air as Rex sat in the copilot chair and let Bob fly the ship slowly after Crystal's foot prints. Considering how far they walked it wouldn't take long till they found her and her friend.

Tag (whatever droids you don't want we can sell off or give to the rebels as a token)

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