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Summary: Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.


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Gender: Male

Age: 40ish

Group: Writers

Preferred Genre

I enjoy writing about the dark, supernatural creatures' struggles to maintain their existence in a modern world overpopulated by mundane mortals. I like to explore their origins and descent into the decidedly wicked world they inhabit.

High Fantasy and planet-bound Sci-Fi are runners up.


I like stories/posts that tell me enough about the world they are set in to decide whether I even enjoy that world. If I don't enjoy reading about their world, I will almost certainly be indifferent to any of the characters who inhabit it. I like chatty characters who reveal their thoughts and motivations aloud for all to hear. I want to see characters wear their negative qualities like a badge of honor for all to see and play to their strengths without displaying too much actual strength.


Nope. Not opening that can of worms again.

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