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Summary: I'll be doing the best I can, and look forward to hearing your advice!


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Gender: Male

Age: 26

Group: Writers

Preferred Genre

I've been all over the spectrum, but I vastly prefer fantasy to sci-fi, and prefer comedy to heavy drama.


I enjoy characters of all kinds, but have a special soft spot for the cheeky thief types. I really enjoy when a book can manage a good twist, but really pulling that sort of thing off is understandably hard. I enjoy having a lot of characters to get to know throughout the course of a story, and equally enjoy when the characters all have a seemingly equal chance to die. Nothing adds weight and suspense like a fair mortality scheme.


I'm not a huge fan of romance as a genre, and the weightier the romantic themes in a story, the less interested I become. I can't stand giant robots, and I have a hard time with sci-fi that spends a lot of time on spaceships.

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Image of Cheshire
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