This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

Posted by : on Jul 20, 2018, 8:44am

Welcome to Story Forge. On this page you will find all the information you need to get started and enjoy the experience.

Creating a Character : You sign up as yourself, nice and simple. I encourage people to be as honest as they want to be on the forms. For the other writers it is always nice to know who we are talking to before we go offering you advice and constructive criticism and for the moderator I will be drawing on some of your likes (and dislikes) for the themes and challenges that you face each fortnight.

Posting : Every two weeks we will post a theme. You are then invited to post a short story or scene based around that theme. You are free to interpret the theme however you wish in terms of genre and style. We encourage longer posts as this challenge would not really lend itself to a short post format.

You are free to post in multiple parts if needed, or to post multiple times to have another stab at the theme. In fact we will be encouraging this with the bonus challenge being launched during round 2 of the game!

How many times can you post? Well we have given two weeks so let's say twice as a rule of thumb. That said I wont be berating anyone for having a flash of inspiration and firing out a third post that they just have to share!

OOC : Please post all stories as OOC so people can comment. Unless you do not want comment that is in which case leave it unchecked. Please avoid using OOC for in game chat for the most part unless the message is urgent and you need to speak to everyone for some reason. In general we would prefer you to email a mod or player, or use the Disqus chat on an existing post.

Note : You can post as OOC and remove the letters OOC from the title without changing peoples ability to comment. You dont have to but some people prefer to.

The Bonus Round : Starting with Round 2 there will be a bonus challenge based around the existing theme. Here is how it will work. At the midpoint of the current round a bonus challenge will be issued so for example the Round One theme was "A Call to Adventure" and the bonus challenge might have been "First Person Perspective." So the theme remains but now we have the added restriction of writing a new scene or rewriting an existing scene in a first person perspective. We will obviously be mindful of what people have already written to ensure that the challenge pushes writers in a new direction.

Writers will have a choice whether to take up the 'hard mode' challenge or not and it will not prevent them from putting together a post on the vanilla theme. We encourage input from players on the bonus challenges and what they may be. In fact that input has already started. To get involved send an email to a moderator, but be patient as there will be only one bonus round per theme.

Giving Feedback : Feedback should be constructive and designed to encourage. Do not get picky about typos, spelling and grammar because frankly it is a given that these are areas for improvement. That said if you have some really helpful advice in those areas then please do share it. It goes without saying that you should be nice and respectful of others. In a nutshell follow Wheatons Law.

And the same goes for receiving feedback. You can defend your writing decisions and you may not agree with or like all you read, but from the experience so far it will all be written to help you out and there for you to take or disregard as you see fit. There is a lot of love in this game :)

Anyway, that's all for now folks. Have fun!!